A highlight from 10: Annabelle


Ready when you are mr carnation. Okay fine here. We go chapter ten the italian swine. I am asked on a daily basis. How celebrity in this ultra transparent era navigates. The dating world is a single available sexually relevant mail. Well it's not easy. Let me tell you. It takes a village to success believe as a potential meat for vero celebrities such as myself thankfully. I have my trustee therapist. Dr captain two toss ideas around with our relationship has become a true collaboration. A safe space an elegant dance if you will. I'm not saying your piece of shit. Kes- didn't but others will with advice you've been peddling lately. Well hello to you to terry. You know what you did refreshing. When zaylon died you told me to keep a routine to shower and groom myself every day later on. You told me to quote unquote enjoy myself at work. So thanks to you and your advice and your pills here. I am in a situation. Can you help me a little by defining situation. What started as one night drug enhanced. Sex marathon with dr lizzy has slowly blossomed into something else before i knew it. I was in a wicked pool house behind a two story. Modern cape cod with gabled roofing and a subzero pro. Forty eight fridge stocked with snapple. And you're the one who told me to perfume myself up like some kind of radio peacock terry. Are you suggesting all this started because you started to shower and groom yourself. Celebrities have a much lower flash point for these things. More importantly i am doctor. Liz superior at work. My god kissed kistin. Have you tried talking honestly and directly to this woman about what her nurturing but concise sexual style or vast selection of artisanal soaps and lotions. I guess i could talk to her. But it's like you know a good thing going here this pool house when we have all the sex in has one hundred inch four k. hd screen with voice activation and all the cable channels including the epochs channel affects. Terry what is it exactly. You want from this relationship. Well frankly what i need is my own set of keys to the house. But don't you want to go a little deeper than that. Now that's true. I think a main house key is very reasonable. I do think she could give me a little more rope man. I'm still mourning here. Well depending on if salon still alive am either morning or cheating sometimes. Both simultaneously like the other night. When i started crying during intercourse. Perhaps if you're just upfront and honest lucas tripping on her breasts. Don't know what this woman is thinking. She may be on the same page with you. Just be honest Just talked to her as an adult woman. I mean clearly. This is no girl i'm dealing with. This is a real woman. Yes terry just talk like an adult two adults talking there you go. That's great terry. Really great progress. Well no thanks to you. I'm not even sure. I should pay full price for this session. Seeing as i came to everything on my own you have a five dollar co-pay you couldn't buy a medium watson with that great that is your one good idea of the month. I'll bring her lottie carnation out. You're listening to ks. Be kinda spectacular broadcasting. Hello good evening. Hello hi oh good. Evening terry's oh you shouldn't have no cheat this extra very expensive lotto is not for you. I'm glad i'm actually allergic to milk. And all other foods that can be made into milk so is it For annabel that name while it was on your last show. oh right. no no Is lizzie around. Yeah she's on the air right now. Here lemme enhance. And before i go to that he castrated loser. Who just called in. Here's what i have to say to you. You need to seriously re-examine the life choices you may trust me your kids eight you for reason all right up next. Would lady that psychic lady up next. You've been listening to the doctor lizzy show. It's just what the doctor lizzy. Well hello bear boy toy. I'm brought you this. It's a foam even allow half calf with cinnamon. Oh that's so sweet. But i never touched the stuff. I'm naturally caffeinated. I thought for sure you'd know that by now. just listen. Meet me at my house. At two o'clock park six blocks away and come in at the back alley door by the garbage can. We'll hold on i. I was hoping that well we could address the elephant in the room. I i told you. Effort is much more important to me than size. What really. that's all. No no no. No no no i mean you know here at work well. You're my subordinate. Excuse me. I get twenty. She'll ratings possibly three times. I have eight hundred thousand instagram followers and have been here five years without taking crazy break. I have a publicist. Which of these makes me your subordinate. You know what forget about coming over. This isn't going the way. I thought it would. Yeah god forbid things. Don't go your way. I gotta go me sick cheat. Did you hear that. unfortunately yes. She has a commanding voice that really carries. She blew me off after everything. She made me do that. We did together is only one reason for this. Yeah harmony dating options like that hot ups guy with sometimes hot. You know what's no no. She's in on it see

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