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Number nine rest and christ third quarter two thousand twenty one. Daniel duda neil. Would you please off our prayer earlier kind heavenly father. We thank you for the opportunity to be together to learn more about you and to discuss these things that are in the lesson. Open our hearts and minds to your ways and help us to remember always that we are your representatives in your ambassadors these things we asked in the press holy name of jesus amen amen. Thank you nail. In the previous less than the number age we spoke about. How can we be free to experience. The rest that god offers and we mentioned that one of the things that we face in the broken world after the fall is being overwhelmed with the needs of people and the broken us and dealing with it by apportioning blame is not going to help us and that's why we said that the way to deal with it. It's either through forgiveness. That was the first story or do understand that when we are overwhelmed by it as elijah was that god steal can work without regardless of our mental state as he did with him in spite of his depression and whatever how he felt god did not regret the gifts that he wasted on him because it was investment into his life and the future and the third way how we deal with things that god is helping us to find rest in him is by creating a special day so that we can clear our calendar and we are not under the tyranny of work appointments expectations and production now have managed for eight lessons without speaking about the sabbath but now finally here we are going to two lessons on sabbath number nine and ten as you can expect the lessons completely predictable. And let's approach this from a different angle. The style from the angle of the arrest in christ do have a nightmare. Something that you are scared of. Is there something that sometimes brings fear to you. Yes john henry kaz what am i. Biggest worries was having all. My teeth fallout in being late to class. Okay yes anybody else. Only off the boat. Okay thank you ashley. Failing sherry when we were building the ministry building here i would have nightmares regularly and thinking. What are we doing building a house right next to a house. It was so scary. I thought this is not responsible. This is crazy but it's turned out to be really useful at met. We could go back and forth in the middle of the night with Ninety work here at two. Am and it's all one building so it's been a blessing but it was pretty much a nightmare at first to think that far out of the box a child i used to have nightmares. Nuclear holocaust article votes miracle of the advocacy ear. Shema spared their lives. That's scary as a child. I used to be afraid of dentists. I don't know why i remember once. I was in the second grade second class. And they took the whole cost to see a dentist them. While they're going through this crooked streets. I managed to discover because i was so scared. Of course the teacher she did the headcount discover that as a foster one of my nightmares was. I have nothing to say. Even when i was at newbold i was the sponsor of the russian-speaking group yacht. Just a faculty supervisor. And so i would attend the christmas evening. They would do and periodically. Someone would come to you and thrust the camera in front of your face and say danielle say something. Profound the whole of ukraine is going to watch this sheila wise. I constant anything profound. Tell me one week in lance. And i can think about saying something if you push a color in front of my face and say say something profound by concert anything performed so i we people at groom decorators or the that when they finish on friday. Don't think about their work on next monday morning because probably there is not a day or time that i would not spend thinking alright. We need to do less than number ten. The second lesson on sabas. How are we going to bring a new perspective on that one so that people are blessed bob so years ago. When i was going through chemo i used to have nightmares about and one time a friend of mine said well name your cancer and took about four or five weeks all sudden it was one day just totally hit me on so named my cancer dennis minutes because no matter what was going on he always seemed to show up and one night probably about a week later as having this nightmare again and all of a sudden my brain and everything i just go. Wow there's dennis the menace and at my whole body relaxed and i immediately woke up and it was like wow how freebie not being controlled by my wife forty years later often when she wakes up in the morning she says i was again going to class and there was an exam and i was not ready was running. Late is i've ever met first triathlon. I had a nightmare night. Before that that i forgot my bike in i was a little tiny child bike. And i'm just going together going by me. like crazy. saw those amazing dream. I think it warned after the draft on actually with driving a car. And you can't reach the peddles retired is causing somebody. Rian hong death not deliberately but through the interventions. I need to take with the for them to get some sort of diagnosis work. It actually doing off good in a helping profession actually thinking my profession to it's i find it scary to think maybe i won't be able to help someone or not know how to help someone in need to give them what they need to get better in whatever way that is yes i remember that is the young poster that suddenly you expose the situation you have never dealt with before and people have high expectations from you as a man of god. You have. No clue jennifer. I'm not a remote several years back kind of a nightmare. So if you are a teacher or you'll have public speaker so if you had the dream that you are supposed to speak or teach songwriter and you are completely prepared or can't get there on time. Anybody had that one. Yeah that's very common. Have you had a dream that you are supposed to speak somewhere. And you're not wearing all the clothes that you are supposed to wear. I was told the night before is gonna speak before five thousand people at a conference and the guy on the night before and i was stressing over it and then god reminded me the store the little boy that brought his lunch and fed five thousand people go to michael greenbrier outside that goes on in. I've known a couple other people similar. And i was told one time. Wait a psychologist. That's a a sense of insecurity. Why built very insecure during the julian. He has last night. I had one of those dreams are facing patients in the clinic. And i couldn't figure out where they were at. I knew everybody was waiting for me for a long time. And i couldn't find them and i've had similar types of dreams

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