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Number six rest in christ third quarter. Two thousand twenty one john pauline. Iris is going to offer our opening. Prayer gracious god. Wonderful heavenly father. We come to you with praise again this morning for your faithfulness for your goodness. We realized for the we live. In turbulent times there's unrest there's confusion and we realize lord that you are the only safe place where we can turn to for wisdom and insight we thank you lord that you reveal yourself to us through your word through your holy spirit and through your presence and so we pray that you'll be present throughout our conversation about you that you enlighten our lines that your lead in direct. Give us the words to speak that we may speak. well you inches name amen. This is the sixth in a series of lessons entitled rest. In christ and whenever seventy ad venice get into a topic like this it usually ends up being mostly about the sabbath and certainly. The sabbath is one of god's greatest gifts to us and appropriate subject for study and discussion. But the lesson officer in this case has ranged much more widely. In fact. we've hardly seen much mention of the sabbath so far but as rather focusing on what the sabbath is supposed to produce. What is this rest that we're supposed to do on the sabbath. How do you get there. Where does it come from that cetera. And this is the first of two lessons on the story of joseph and in this lesson the idea is that joseph came from a dysfunctional family and when he was sold into slavery by his dear loving brothers he had to suddenly face the fact that he had to face a future without his family and without all the challenges that his family had produced in his life. And so how would joseph in. This time of rejection abandonment. Total loss of control over his future. He lost everything. How could he find rest. And if joseph find it maybe we can as well the lesson after this gets into the latter part of the joseph story in which joseph finds a way to begin healing his family and so that is the theme that will focus the next time and in the next one. A lot of the texts related to the joseph story will be reviewed. And so we won't do so much that this time. But i want to focus on the central concept of family and the fact that family sometimes is the most challenging place to live a godly life. And how do we find rest in the midst of that. Invite you to turn with me to the very first item in the handout. And i'd like to read that with us. We begin we get to choose many things in life but none of us got to choose. The families we were born into many of these families are far from ideal. Does a sweet way of saying it. Family relationships are often complicated and painful. Leaving us restless hurt in carrying loads of emotional baggage that we often don't How can we find rest in this area of our lives so this week is the first two lessons based on the story of joseph in this lesson we explore how joseph personally coped with family dysfunction. And the next lesson. We'll consider how god was able to use him to bring reconciliation into his family. Moving onto number two. Joseph came to know what family dysfunction is from personal experience but the dysfunction in his family went back several generations as is usually the case. So the question. I throw out to you as we begin. How many evidences of dysfunction can you list from the families. Of abraham isaac and jacob those wide open question as you think of the stories of abraham isaac and jacob is a really very troubled families even though we might see them as heroes of biblical face. What evidence is a family dysfunction. Are you aware of neil. You have isaac initial meal for starters lot in his family splitting off and of course you have jacob beneath saw just review. We can go way back to the garden of eden cannon able now right there. I made a list of about twenty. And you've already listed one that i didn't have that's the lot story. I'm just going to add that to my list. But yeah you have this nephew here and the two of them just can't get along even though he's the closest thing to an air that abraham has yet they have difficulty making it work i jennifer abraham who kept calling his wife his sister that got them into all kinds of problems. You have jacob. Having harsh needs to run

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