The Bird Man



The three massachusetts towns of abington rehoboth and freetown exist a triangular slice of land. That has become home to hundreds of reports of unexplainable phenomenon. It's known as the bridgewater triangle though. Some call it the black triangle or the devil's triangle. It might not be swallowing up. Fighter jets and colonial era ships like the bermuda triangle to the south but its history is just as storied and mysterious. One of the areas within. The triangle is the hawks swamp. It's a seventeen thousand acre wetland near bridgewater massachusetts in the sixteen hundreds it was inhabited by the wapping noah tribe of native americans and the fort. They built inside. It became a strategic location for them during king. Philip's war in sixteen seventy four one legend details how during this time of upheaval and invasion by the colonies. A powerful artifact was lost in the swamp. now. I can't find anything beyond a small wikipedia entry to confirm this but the story tells of how an object known as the wadham belt was lost during the war and as a result the swamp became the home to restless spirits. Ever since the swamp has been the source of nearly endless supply of unexplainable sightings one of the most dramatic and best documented reports was made by local police officer. Sergeant thomas downey on a summer night. In nineteen seventy-one downey was driving toward the town of eastern near a place known as bird hill that sits at the edge of the swamp as he approached the hill he caught sight of an enormous winged creature. Downey claims that it was over six feet tall and had a wingspan of almost twelve feet. After reporting the sighting to the east police he quickly earned the nickname of the birdman about you but it seems odd that a police officer would risk his reputation on such an unusual claim. If it was just a joke officer. He clearly saw something that night. Just what that thing was of course is open to debate

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