A highlight from Ep. 49: Dave Navarro Looks Like a Bobblehead (Ink Master Season 1) w/ Special Guest Iris Benson

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Do you have the same cillizza soon to me. Here's a thin. The wants to see the whole point of like singing. That song as you just have to assume you have to do it all slack. Jawed to get the billie joe armstrong of it all Dookie of it all is he american. Yeah he's from berkeley shit. He does like a steeper california surfer. Well he doesn't sing like the guy from delinquent aides who when he gets british sometimes like reddish. She's a no but they don't reared weird. There's disturbing type of punk that. I think it's because like like irish bands like the pogues. They like listen to the owed on like it. I like to sing like that. Because it's just like i don't. I don't even care that. I'm singing this song you know and i'm sitting at jam bruno and i actually do care that i sing those songs. Now she too much works a lot. She works hard on her voice. she does. She does vocal warm ups before we start recording. Wow so this is serious anyway spears. This is trash this week. We haven't done. We haven't done trivia awhile when haven't done songs in nevada. I think we're going to bring those back soon. I've kind of been missing that stuff but yeah we don't have any trivia this week. I didn't really I'll be honest because we had a. We have a new kitten in our house sweetie kitten. She's a little. She's in a room right now and her little because she's kept whining and she was like scratchy. Scratch series i to. She's little bitch right now. Name is barbara and we love her. And she goes sh leo. Our other cat is a lot more interested in her than i think she is in him. I think she just wants to run around and be crazy but he like history or a couple of times and growled a couple times. But now i think he's just kind of like accepted that she's here and she's hit him and he fucking freaked out and ran away and went and hid and he's like eight years old and fourteen pounds. He ruined. yeah now. Now she's the alpha. He sucked up efforts now. But i think he's he's cool now until we let her roam around and then she starts getting to his shit and then he probably would have a problem again. You know those fairmount plug ins to try. And i don't know if it doesn't farming smells or whatever for cats i don't know anyway. Give her talking for like the last two minutes or three minutes or whatever. So i guess we just introduce our guests She just came back from the idaho. Comedy festival you for benson. You're gonna say bay area comic. Are you still in the bay area. Right i am. I'm in livermore right now. Oh fuck yeah okay. Yeah where are you guys at his hayward cash valley. Yeah we're far away for me then. It's weird because sometimes when we put in like our gps location. It'll say he word in sometimes. It'll say castro valley enemies and haters out there so we also maybe live in oakland or san francisco. Who knows i i dunno. I think anybody that says that they have haters are delusional. His i only see like people from real housewives just being like on twitter just like yeah into all my haters and i just like ignore the haters and like if you have your and then sometimes it's like super well-deserved were only occasionally on meet somebody that i'm like i get why you have haters. You know so. I get that with me. Thanks i guess yeah this is complemented haters are kind of a good thing sometimes but you know i mean. The nice thing about having haters is usually means. There's people that are jealous of you or you're getting enough attention to piss people which isn't necessarily bad. i guess just definition. I definitely don't have haters. Probably right now But i guess yes doing a podcast about reality shows by i. Guess the hater topic. Yeah i bet if any of the people that we do our episodes about ever listen to this day would hate us because there's a lot of people we talked to. Your big red would hate us Even though he gave you a cameo or someone got you a cameo. Someone got me a cameo from big ads from ninety day. Fiance's for my birthday which i didn't ask it was cool. I can see those that if we were to get a cameo from anyone from ninety day we would want it to be from dursey. I'd want to be drunk darcy. Sorry everybody do you watch we speaking spanish right now I don't watch that much reality. Tv which is why. I picked inca master. 'cause it's like no one reality show that i've watched recently. Nice now. fuck yeah. By the way we did watch ink master ink master or inc masters. It's star. okay. I was gonna ask you like is it just because you wash the recently are you. Do you have like a like a thing for tattoos or like. Why why i. I like tattoos. Because i like arch. I've never ever got one and never pulled the trigger on one. When i was younger when i was in high school. I always wanted one. And i would get like catchy magazines all the times before the internet and And and then. I just sort of forgot about them in and you know just like and then i wanted to be an actress and they were always like you shouldn't get tattoos. If you're an ad was just stupid you cover. That kept me from getting tattoos for a long time was that i did ballet and i wanted to be an actress and then i thought like while never get cast if they think they have to use music up to cover up my tattoo we were. I was in theater school. We did a like this in reeve and managing of shakespeare production as every theater school. Does it was advocate. And one of the leads. She has a hello kitty tattoo on the back of her neck and the director loved it. He's like no like. I don't want you guys to cover up your modern tattooed like everybody knows. This isn't the fucking time period. Like whatever like we're going to have fun with this and then we got so many comments from these old people who were are like donors and like what are they. Call them gold star theater goer people who were just play. Yeah yes it's just like. Oh why wouldn't you just cover up the

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