Osaka Withdraws From Wimbledon but Will Play in Tokyo Olympics


Be no Naomi Osaka and no Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon this year. A soccer has decided to spend more time away from the game after her decision to withdraw from the French Open to in her words protect her mental health is hard tennis correspondent Russell from Osaka has been suffering long bouts of depression since winning her first Grand Slam title in New York in September. 2018 her withdrawal from the French Open after winning her first match followed a dispute about whether she could be excused Media duties in Paris With just two weeks between the French Open and Wimbledon, a soccer was always unlikely to be ready to compete on the grass. But after spending some time away from the game with family and friends, The Japanese star does feel she'll be ready to pursue a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. But that's for the doll. He is feeling. The rigors of the schedule with the French have been pushed back and only two weeks between the Slams. And unlike the soccer, he has decided not to play at the Olympics, either.

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