Soul Therapy Author Thomas Moore On His Approach To 'Meditation'

The Mindful Minute


Min- is in essence. A meditation podcast. We talk about the how the why the what of meditation and i thought before we jump into the book. I just wondered if maybe you could share a little bit about your own. Reflective practices meditative practices are or stillness practices. If you have any sure absolutely so you know that. When i was young i was a monk and for thirteen years and so i studied meditation. Then and i've meditated probably an hour and a half day those thirteen years so that was kind of empty meditation with the call. It kinda fun though focus But anyway it was quite wonderful. And now i've changed though i've changed in my taste my ideas and I have learned. I think mainly from henry. David thorough air comment. That really stuck with me. I read them a lot and yet a comment that That for him it was important to compost contemplate within nature to go out and they turn contemplates a for him but that was the most important thing and what i got from that that and fits in with my larger philosophy that it's important to be contemporary tive of by the way that phrase i prefer to to tour i prefer bit contemplates in that today because it suggests contemplating something and i liked the idea of being in the world with your spirituality to be in the world to make it a worldly not just separate i think anything that separate world from spirit as a really is a mistake. That's caused a lot of trouble.

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