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This. He's seen all these defenses before. It's a tough night. We'll move on its bucks out of the time out Middleton catch and shoot at the top, Mrs tough because another hand on it offensive rebound out to Brook Lopez missed the three Another offensive rebound for Tucker hits the cutting Yannis, who scores on the layup as he hits the deck. Ducker has been a nemesis for Atlanta here on the offensive glass, one of the greatest 663 pounders in league history that two offensive boards there 89 50. Seven. Kevin Herder stops the dribble on the left wing of his passes, a turnover and a loose ball foul on John Collins as Middleton came up with it. That's another part of the story here tonight is Atlanta has not been taking care of the basketball 13 turnovers 15 turnovers for 25 Milwaukee points and just going back to that point of you gain confidence if you start playing better here to finish the game. You think Trey Young is going to lose any confidence? No. After this game tonight, not John Collins we've seen this year and when it's all said and done, quote unquote, the old cliche. You have accomplished your mission. You have got one out of two. You have split on the road. Here's Yanis came down The end line, pressured by Capela ball goes out of bounds. It will stay with Milwaukee was arguing that in touch it and it will be Milwaukee Basketball front court left 89 57 bucks 6 56 on the clock here in the third quarter. Holiday will inbound baseline right, finds it to Middleton. Going to the basket will pass it out to Lopez, who puts up a three off the rim. No tapped and capella can't control. He was fouled from behind as it will be on P. J. Tucker. Atlanta basketball with 6 49 to go in the third AM surprised at the lack of number of offensive boards for Milwaukee because they are crashing extremely hard. But again shooting 60% from the Field. There's not a whole lot of offensive boards to be had. And there has been a stellar night for the bucks. He put up 77 1st half points. Trae Young, find Kurt her on the left into the corner. Collins Collins will drive through the lane finds it opened by Donovin right corner three off the rim top of the backboard and falls down into the hands of Yannis. Dead combo front court to the left Now a no look pass to the right corner. Middleton catch and shoot is good. Chris Middleton with a triple and the bucks. Go up 92 57. This is great for Middleton, right? I mean, these are non pressure shots. Trae Young puts it up from 16 is badly capella Chase down the long rebound finds an open college quarter three on its way off the rim. No rebound, Tucker. P. J. Tucker is not asked to really score, but he has been a rebounding machine and a pass to Tucker goes over his shoulder and incomplete as it is taken by Trae Young into the front court by Donovan drops it capela rolling towards the double covered into the corner herder herder in the deep Left corner, guarded by Middleton puts it on the deck spins up top. The art now drives to the middle little fade away Jumpers good for herder. Nice ball handling to get out of the court started way in that deep corner and got all the way to the other side. The floor for the fade. 92 59 bucks in command. 5.5 left in the third, Chris Middleton guarded by heard her. We'll try to drive him to his spring. Though across over the oohs and aahs. Middleton leaves it for God is at the free throw line on one leg of jumper rattles three times and in yachts with 25 in game to even the dirt. Nowitzki One legged fader a lot of the big guys going to the one legged these days. We saw a lot of that from Joel MB last series against Atlanta. Kevin Herder, dribbling right wing gives it up to Collins, up top under five minutes to go in the third by Donovan takes it shoots it in and out of the three rebound, Lopez. Ghana's front court. Loping dribble inside the Ark now will rise from the elbow jumper, not their contested rebound. Who else was involved Tucker, but it ends up a save on the in line by Collins. Up ahead. Trae Young Young tonight six for 16 drives under the basket past Sister herder right quarter three, in and out rebound, contested out of bounds last touched by Capela, who was going at it with the honest on that one. Yannis ended up on the deck. Bucks will keep the ball. I think they could have easily called a loose ball foul if they wanted, but just award Milwaukee the basketball is so And a 35 point spread. I don't know that. It's just that big a call Ghana's gets a hand as he heads to the Milwaukee bench. They love Bobby Portis here. Bobby Portis had a great year here little walkie, third in the NBA and three point shooting 47% shooting during the regular year, and he was completely out of the rotation at the end of the Brooklyn Series. Gallinari is in for Atlanta. His holiday front court out of the right side. Step back three on its way. No good rebounded by Capela. 94 59 Milwaukee coming up on four minutes to go. In the third quarter of Game two, Bogdanovich met by parties will drive to the right tried to hand off Gallinari didn't passes to half court. Two young Trae young with seven dribbles inside the archive stripped of the ball. It's loose in the lane kicked around still on the floor holiday picks it up numbers for Milwaukee and now a whistle. Its turnover number nine portray on Trae Young, who had eight in the first half, the most in any half of his career and a foul on Atlanta to stop the transition. Thereby herder will stop the clock with eight around with 3 48 to go in the third quarter, the fourth team foul in Atlanta and a time out here in Milwaukee. Cheerful bucks fans enjoying game to 94 59 the spread over the Hawks with 3 48 to go in the third. This is the Eastern Conference finals on

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