Why I Love Rome


Let's start the hour with three guides from rome. Who tell us what they love. Most about their city rome. It's the eternal city to one of the most romantic and popular destinations in the whole world but many visitors met with a harsh reality when they wander rooms. Ancient streets overcrowded sites chaotic. Urban seems unpredictable transit strikes. If you're not prepared. Rome can be a challenge. But many will agree with me that it's all worth it. Bernardo francesca russo and susanna perugini specialize in guiding american tourists around italy and. They've all made rome their home because they love their city. They join us now on travel. With rick steves to share their love of rome and share with us some tips on how we might enjoy it too you know. Francesca susannah bondar. Generate one so rome. I love history. And there's history every where you look. Francesca you're born and raised in rome. What's it like just to go to work. Surrounded by all that history. Sometimes i think about it that i can wait for the bus right by where julius caesar was stabbed to death. So i'm thinking that rome is a place where history goes from printed words on the page of a book to something. That's alive every minute of every day so you can feel it. Something had happened. Two thousand years ago happened right now. And there's layer after layer after layer. I mean there's like an archaeological dig isn't it but it's right before your very eyes. He has over two thousand years of history. Front is every single moment. Wherever you turn all at once pub is living in rome shape your outlook. I would say that most romans take it for granted. I think they gain a sense of how special the city is when they go elsewhere and they always find everything else so new so you become you become aware of how what it means to live with two thousand years of history once you leave it i think if you grow in it and you see coliseum every day when you drive to work in the sense you don't even see it any more than you might make a case that if you live in a land with very little with the shallow history. You don't appreciate history quite as much. i mean. The oldest building in my town is one hundred years old building a new town twenty times that could maybe if you live with things that are two thousand years old and every day i think you forget it and it just becomes something many conversations with my roman friends who say they've never been inside the coliseum where he could for take it for granted. Yeah but once you open their eyes to one thing then they understand and appreciate as well

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