Monaco GP Qualifying Report


And incredibly close qualifying session in. Monaco comes to an end with charlotte taking pole position and finishing his session in the wall. We knew that we were in for tight battle. After the ferraris top times. Fb to and today. We had a grouping qualifying session. This will seven different teams making indicate. Three charlotte took provisional pole after his fast with a one minute. Ten point three four six around two tenths ahead of max. V sapin without us and call signs behind as the drivers attempts to improve times in the final moments of key. Three shaw made contact with barry at the second part of the swimming pool breaking his front suspension and then ending in the barrio on the exit. The crash brought out the red flags stopping the session and putting a stop to any potential improvements. His closest rival was max and vow chery as a result show held onto the pole position as long as his gearbox does not need replacing which would penalties he was stopped p one tamar alongside max without serie and such a perez lining up on the second row land norris. Npr gasoline by in strong performances in key three managing p five m p six respectively with londonorce zero point two seven four seconds of poll. You may notice. I've not mentioned the current championship lead just yet and that is because it wasn't such a strong day for lewis hamilton who was struggling throughout the session unable to put together quick enough to be in. I shelter poll and instead off to suffering a front left lock up. Interest was three quarters of a second off of showers is time and he was stopped. P. seven tomorrow vegetables stocks. Pa with the second. Red blue sapphire peres p. Nine who run into traffic on his run on the top ten is rounded off tannoudji of nazi insecure. Three for the fast time this season we lost esteban alcon. Donald ricardo launch stroh. Kimera can and george russell in key to on especially disappointing day. Daniel ricardo who have coolest is a race went ahead and absolutely loves driving this track in q. On all of the monarchy's knocked plus robert surprising late financial alonzo. Who will stop p seventy tomorrow. Right behind yuki sonoda nickless. He feet was fortunate enough to have his cover pat in time for qualifying offer his pay three crash and he'll be starting ahead of nikki. Massive pin

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