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Come to the premise. Podcast brought to on t. Lv one the voice of the city. That is home. Obviously to the journal quote tel aviv. The journal of the institute of archaeology of tel aviv university end quote which this week published a soko article by archaeologists unit on adler and learn now called the pentacle dietary proscriptions against finless and scale this aquatic species in light of ancient fish remains and this is an article that has everything it has religion. It has apostasy or at least a sweeping disregard of religious prescriptions. It has zuo archaeology. And if you know a better word than do archaeology. I would like to hear it. It has ancient fish bones or pet seen ocean and it ends with a moving plea to please please do whatever it takes to preserve whatever ancient fish bones. You may come across quote if you happen to find yourself. Excavating at a site located in the judean heartland in archaeological levels that date to the critical persian or hellenistic periods. Please take into consideration. The precious fish remains that are very likely to be missed unless proper steps are taken and quote although i have definitely put the cartilage before the horse get back to what adler and learn. How did well what adler and learn. How did was itself. They sorted through twenty one thousand fish bones from garbage collected at thirty archaeological sites across the country representing the remains of fish snarf over a period of more than two thousand years and what they found was that until the beginning of the roman period in the first century bc e folks here eight all sorts of kosher fish including sharks and catfish and grays. They might also have eaten shrimp and other icky see bugs like that. But these were left out of the study because shellfish were also used to make dyes and such so what shellfish remains you find in the trash may have been leftovers of a delicious meal or they may have been the detritus of a dye factory. Go try to figure out the difference. But according to adler and learn now it hardly matters whether menus in king david's bethlehem included the endless shrimp like menus at the bethlehem pennsylvania red lobster which not long ago. Got this review from david p on yelp quote boycott this left-wing shithole. The food is overpriced. And they want to bring politics to the table by boycotting tucker carlson anymore. I found a nice seafood restaurant. In town where i gotta lot more food for less money. Okay good talk later and quote. By the way a similar one star review was recently left for the city of bethlehem itself. Where david was crowned and jesus was born this one star review coming from a woman. Nicely named kathy plum. Who wrote of the church of activity quote didn't feel authentic here long wait standing on rock floors then had about two seconds to see where they say christ was born and not able to see a manger at all very disappointed. One star and quote. But i digress. The implication of adler. now's finding is now says quote in periods when supposedly the biblical law already existed people were consuming non-kosher fish end quote as adler says quote when scholars look at early judaism. They're often looking at texts. That were written by the intellectual strata of ancient today in society and don't necessarily reflect what people actually knew about. We're interested in or were observing and quote what the fish bones show is that long. After the tower existed jews in the land of israel regularly ate fish twice forbidden in the tora once in leviticus where chapter eleven verse twelve reads everything in the water that does not have fins and scales is detestable to you and one in deuteronomy where chapter fourteen verse ten says and whatever does not have fins and scales you shall not eat. It is unclean for you. By the way through most of the period when us eight the pest seen abominations they did not eat pig which according to the researchers was a prebiblical taboo. Throughout the whole area hence abstaining from ham hawks was hardly a hussah for biblical obesity and obedience. It was more a matter of. Just keeping up with the morlocks. The surprising conclusion to all this on adler told arts is that there is no evidence at the masses even knew about the bulk of biblical rules before the second century. Bc end quote or if they knew they just didn't much care and arguably nothing captures the spirit of this city we love so well tel aviv auto better than taking fish bones from trash and making them give us their secrets performing a sort of pests pew survey finding that even back in the days of the jewish kings and prophets. There were those and lots of them who looked at the bible and concluded that it is a pretty good book and maybe even a very good book but it is definitely not the boss of me with us in the studio is a woman who had a bone to pick with the us government. See what i did there about the huge backlog in american passport renewals at the embassy and as a result of her reporting this week. Us secretary of state antony blinken announced that america would let citizens use expired passports to travel home at least until the end of this year. I do not know if that is. Oh fish oil but it is definitely what we are hearing. You don't need to be a brain surgeon to know that i'm speaking. Obviously of alison kaplan summer allison has written for political the new republic foreign policy. The jerusalem posted the forward in many other of your very best papers and magazines. She is a columnist with arts. And you have heard on. Mpr pri and the bbc and you have seen on. I twenty four television and now jazirah tv alison whole debut. Breath world tenor award for journalism. Recognizing excellence and diaster reported and a simon rocked our award for excellence and covering zionism and israel alison a lot of impact one article. You really schooled them. My mind is reeling from all those puns. I think that the cartilage before the horse belongs in the pantheon of Of puns definitely. So you know Most of your information of course as all good information does came from haaretz article and the successive article often rides these days on. How good the headline is this. One went totally viral. Did very very well. Because it's headline was did king david. Each shrimp people like that. Though the times of israel also very fine article about this and And then i read the article that were good. I don't remember headlines proof of what you're saying. I suppose but then if you actually go to the academic article it's quite wonderful. I have to say with us in the studio. Actually in the capsule studio through the back wall for reasons of health blah blah blah blah blah is a woman who over the past. Weeks has been one of the clearest most inspiring voices against violence and of building a society where violence will not win the day as when she spoke to thousands at the big demonstration in front of the habima theater. This last saturday night the day after the ceasefire and said it yo can negate mcgeer llano. She chignon mcgee. I will be mcgann. We should be the and we came here so we could say together. We deserve equality deserve security. We deserve to live in equality and freedom and security. I refuse a reality in which i am frightened to answer my phone in arabic when i'm on the train and my mother calls because she's worried. I refused because arabic is my language and it is part of this place. They want us to hate but we answered in a single voice that insists that it's possible for things to be different. They want us to be scared of one another but we respond with hope. They try to divide us. Arabs and jews but we say to them partnership cooperation. Obviously i am speaking about sally bed. Who said those things and many other. It's and who all of a sudden has been everywhere in this country and all over social media and has been a tonic in these trying times. Sally is the resource development director and also one of the elected leaders standing together a grassroots political movement bringing the other arabs and jews locally nationally around campaigns for peace equality and economic and social justice. Sally is written for the nation and majority magazine. Sally how are you doing. I'm great. I always say you know. It's a great time to be in in a place where you feel like you're the good side of history and that

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