‘Dr. Beach’ Says Hawaii Shoreline Is 2021’s Best in US


The scientists known as Dr beach has recommendations for folks looking to hit the sand and leave their pandemic blues behind professor Stephen Leatherman a coastal scientist known as Dr beach says the sandy stretch of how puna beach state park on the west side of whites Big Island ranks number one in his review of the best beaches in the U. S. for twenty twenty one let them in because the beach in a way sis he says the black lava everywhere around it makes the sand look extra white leather and uses data from the EPA to great beaches on water quality and has been to all of the beaches on his list other top spots include coopers beach in Southampton New York Ocracoke island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Saint George island state park a quiet barrier island in the Florida panhandle letterman home since thirty eighth annual list will encourage people to get out I'm Jennifer king

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