Track Your Sleep Activity With the Oura Ring


When it comes your health sleep is the absolute most important thing as dr saieed agreed with me and i wanna know if i'm getting good sleep. I wanna stay more accountable with my sleep. So i tried using the woop van w. h. o. p. and i just don't like wearing something on my wrist but it's the same kind of technology and i've had friends talking about the ring. I'm going to give us a discount code so don't go buying one. Yeah wait till a discount code. But i bought an or ring. I have lots of friends. Tell me about it for years. And i just never got one. I don't know why i thought i needed to. I just never got around giving one. And i finally just got one. Y'all while while while. I just i'm obsessed i am obsessed. I got everyone in my family. One including baba's wearing one bread is wearing what i'm wearing one broncos wearing one taylor's wearing one everybody who is speaking at this event that i just finished i've talked every single one of them into getting one i think. Now don't you go getting one yet. Because i'm gonna hook you up at the discount soon as we can get. Maybe even give to sponsor the show but think there's so much interesting. it's going to change the game. I've already bought them for my girlfriend's okay. It tracks your activity. It tracks your body temperature. It can track your energy. It can track your readiness your immune system in it will tell you each day based on all those data points how you're doing and how much of a workout you can handle that dan. How much more sleep you need. That day really fascinating. Is you know you might think okay. Well i went to bed at this time. I woke up at that time. Therefore i got seven hours of sleep not necessarily like. I joked around with one of my friends today. Warren when he walked in to speak. And so. how's your sleep. Last night he goes on not to battle. You know what you actually don't know you don't know if you had good or indifferently unless you know how efficient you were at sleeping so this ring is a ring which is also super convenient. This ring tells you how many minutes of remm sleep you got. How many minutes of deep sleep you had. How many minutes you were in light sleep. How long it took you on average to fall asleep. How many wake disturbances you had how you moved around a and i. It's unbelievably accurate.

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