What's on the Agenda for Biden's First Foreign Trip in Office


The president's first international trip since taking office, hoping to show the world the U. S is different with him in charge. President Biden's schedule includes meetings with allies from the G Seven Nations visit with Queen Elizabeth and have face to face meeting with Russian President Putin, CBS News correspondent We, Zhejiang has more from the White House. His press secretary says that President Biden has been preparing for 50 years for this trip, and in many ways he has first is the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and then as vice president, But Now it is his turn to set the agenda. The president will kick off his trip by meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday before attending the G seven summit in Cornwall, England. It will be the first time the leaders of the world's largest economies will meet face to face since the pandemic began. Mr Biden has stressed he wants to renew America's commitment to allies after his predecessor sparred openly with them. His goal to rally the world's democracies on issues like the pandemic climate change and countering China. He and the first lady will then visit Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle on Sunday before heading to Brussels for the NATO summit. The agenda there is expected to include defense spending, cybersecurity and Russian aggression. Mr Biden will cap off the trip Wednesday with his first in person meeting with Putin since becoming president. His advisors say that is not about delivering deals, but Rather setting boundaries with Russia on everything from those cyber attacks we've been seeing to its nuclear program. We did

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