A highlight from The Traders Journey: Managing Success


Try to called dot com now to try to co crypto. Showed another little run through of the traders jin you episode of the his jimmy. I should say and today's about managing success. So at some point you're going to have a winning run. You're going to have a good try. You're going to have more than likely a succession of really good traits now. Succession of really good try is gonna make you feel good. It's going to make you feel like everything that you've sacrificed everything that you've learned the pain barrier after breaking through that you might love hit before you have a successful show but it's going to buy open it up whereby you feel really really really good luck can be good. It's definitely good but it can also be very dangerous yet again so hang on. Hang on man. I'll just some of this work and finally at the point where i've done something. Good what we have to be so careful now. Why can't you just enjoy my success. You absolutely can. You can feel good about enjoy success. I strongly suggest that when you have had a good run your award yourself. Now take the money out of the take some money out of the account or it might be a lot of money so it might be successful trading runners in the sense that you not risking a lot. So you're not making a lot but you've just follow the rules really well and if you very happy with what you're at and that's fine. Also the main point is this. I want you to reward yourself so the first thing you've got to do when it comes to managing success is reward yourself let it be real. Let it be nine. Let it be true. Don't just have something. That is something for short fleeting moment of time. That is just ahead. Turn into something real. That's the first suggestion i might. So you can actually feel good about it okay. That's really really important. The second thing you need to do is chill because you can't let things slipping and to via away from what gave you those results in the first place to consider how you got this. I don't think i've done it of my a finally break in the back. This is it for me now. I will always be like this. I can see it working forward. I can see myself to. I mean these are good things to do and thank me wrong. It's not a good idea to feel strongly about what you don't want to get ahead of yourself and you can get ahead of yourself in the sense that you really don't look speak for position of doing this obviously. All these abrupt may Mike experiences odd. Do this plenty of times. You gets appointment rot on their. Nothing's ever going to change. I'm going to be doing this for the rest of my life is all gravy from here. What that does is a breaks down all the little things that you have had to overcome to get to this point. So you've climbed a wall and you've climbed you've climate you've climbed and you've climbed and then when you get there. The wool starts to crumble in rather than fixed war continuing to work on the wall. That you've already built and slowly build higher. You'll more focused on building higher and higher and higher so the foundations. You know the the the first few levels start to crumble and then everything will topple over with it so you need to be very very careful. You don't turn your back on all the things that got you to that successful. Run at the point where you have a successful run. You need to be very very cool. You need to go back through and really revise. what got you there. Go through and consider all the things that you'd been through remember all the hard times. Remember all the. Tom's way just stopped at by basic. And then it went on prophet. Remember the times when you had bad periods. Go back through your trading records. Look with that. Feel that be one. Would that understand what that was. Because you can't afford to get ahead of yourself. I've done it i. I don't even know how many times of of the so many times so many times that. When i got into a good drake eventually omelette look. I'm not doing anything different stein executive. I'm not even gonna put a would of thought into this right now. i'm just going to be. i'm just gonna be. What a mean by just bay. I'm just going to be exactly the same as well as always have been. I'm knocking excited hispanic good run. But that's what i do now. I'm not getting ahead of myself on not doing high fives. I'm not jumping up and down. This is just part of trading also be losing streaks on aware of this. We don't know when i wouldn't try to come. We don't know when losing trades will come. We just know that if we work with probability and focus on doing the right thing we will come out on top. That's when things changed. What did they change. Because of all the emotion was gone. All the emotion was gone. Consider game you go from a position of going Yes yes just donald enough. I'm feeling great and feeling great to you know. I'm not feeling anything here. Because i've been you before. I know what happens if i get ahead of myself. No mush and let's just carry on one is excitement and joy. And you're gonna have that and that's great. you know. This is the cycle of what you're gonna have to go through to forget. This is the tried as jenny. You gotta do the to the jumping up and down for a little while you go do it a few times.

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