A highlight from Hour 2: What's Next For Lillard?


La one thirteen one hundred and game six of their first round series devon booker. I told you before the series many mamba game high forty seven points eleven boards eight threes in those forty seven points and eight times three is twenty four and i got right off the top of my head. I did that. That's right raj. Times knows twenty four right away so more than half of his points off threes but he's still scored over twenty points without shooting threes. What do you think of that. That's i just did. I just did division and multiplication subtraction. Why you but max. 'cause you're the best i tell you. Sons led by as many as twenty nine in the first half. The la was ranked number one in defense per possession efficiency bef- before the playoffs started. But guess what their best defensive player in the second best player overall team in the guy who was really the main offensive weapon even last year in the run to the title ad one playing. Actually it was even worse when he was why would they put him in game. Six not eighty s full. Not full knows faulted. It's our fault who's who's asked defense getting on a d. right the media. Let me start with me. I called him mr glass charles. Barkley called them street. Clothes stephen a. said i don't care what the medical guys say. This is up two. Ad don't wait for the medical guys to clear you really. Well listen to all that i guess. And he gave it his best shot. It's up to the lakers to stop him from hurting himself and them. Because let me tell you. You're down three games to two even if they can help you in game six. You're gonna lose game seven now because he definitely won't be able to play right or or let me put it another way. Clearly from the conditioner. Eighty was in. He was only going to be able to play in one of the following the next two games. So what's better. Forget about what order they come in. What's better for him to be a more diminished version of himself. That makes him. Maybe compromised the following series. If somehow you should win. That's if he plays game six or for him to be a more rested closer to full version of himself in game seven and then less likely to damage himself further for the following series. Which one. because you know what you know what a groin strain is it. Means a tiny little micro tear in the in the muscle. You know how. I know this doctor. Clapper of seven ten. Espn told me all about this back in the day. Anyway it's worse than that though not making sense along. Those lines. eighty came out limping. Everyone could see chris. Paul ran the whole offense into anyone who who eighty was guarding wherever it was. That's where the offense was going and it made it worse but it's worse even than that. The lakers team was so discombobulated by this that they were down almost thirty by the half. But it's worse than that because lebron bad ankle and all once. They got a cohesive. Kind of game plan together. they're going to go small. Bring some energy the cut to single digits

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