Corporate Media vs. Bolivian Democracy


The on the show. We put the spotlight on bolivia as we examined the hypocrisy of western media towards the return of bolivia democracy following the two thousand and nineteen coup against evil morales in two thousand nineteen a right wing coup with support of both the us government and the organization of american states overthrew the government of evil morales following presidential elections that showed no proof of fraud or irregularities the resulting coup government led to several people getting killed following a wave of protests and arrest. This of course is a summarize consensus by the global south and certainly from the bolivian. People of what took place in two thousand nineteen western media on the other hand paints the picture of yet another authoritarian leader disliked by the us being quote unquote asked to step down from their post now following the two thousand twenty presidential election. Victory of evo morales maas party and the recent arrests of cool leader. Janine on years the corporate media is still following the same playbook of presenting bolivia as a country in turmoil with the type of objectivity that conveniently ends in a conclusion that favors the powerful

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