A highlight from Episode #543 - Muffin Top Cuticles - Ari Shaffir


Is deleted skaggs podcasts. Were coming to you from our show. Our weekly zoom so. Hello say seventy percent. Now i think starting to give it a chance and turn around. I don't either numbers. No i'll tell you right now. They think that that you know most of the fans are enjoying it. They're appreciate it. I think they like the fact that when it's just the three of us on the zoom shows sort of just like an old school vibe conversations we used to have we get together and talk shit. The three of us little do they know little. Do they know we just forget to book somebody every week. It's a real old school vibe. It's just the three of us talking a lot less people listening you know and by the three of us we meet. I'm big jokers. Of course that's david. Smith and over there is puerto rican rattlesnake puerto rican stanley the reigning else mania champ. It's louis j gomez says dragway also Rocket lead king. Yeah that's hang dog rocket leak always right on the cusp of gold to division. One right on the cusp. That's really exciting. Hey let me go tell a fifteen year old dog you know first of all. I hate when people do that shit. Let me say this very clear okay. Don't him seriously do. Don't treat it with the proper respect. Bobby platinum over there i- bobby relaxed fucking flex and i get it. No people do dude fortnight rocket league. Good job those little kid games right. And i'm like yeah. They're video games. They're all little kid games their children. Yeah i can't even play with action figures anymore without people. Talking shit destroyer. I it is children was. We're going to make a grander jays near mocking me for playing a little kids game. That's a particular little kids game. They're all little kids game. No i think it's the whole thing. Now it's just it's the online gaming and giving ship is not playing a video game that is childish across the board but playing online is worse than playing offline. Somehow yes no well worse. I don't know if it's worse. It's it's better if you're if you're a child it's more child year. I only play with other people in their mid to late thirties. Well that's certainly not true. There's definitely been children. You would argued with a slip through the cracks jay not to host. I had a. I had a small child join my fortnight party once and that was only play with other comics. That are all it's like. It's like nathan from american dad. Dave hey you guys partying after this game. A rocket league. Or what's up when you go back to your parents little boy Just figure we're all hanging out now shifting the room. Well look. I fought him. I enjoy leagues. The best great game really fight understand twitch. The putting yourself are playing a very popular thing. I just don't get watching people video games out here. Bobby and bobby. I'm looking fucking good. Don't they'll pull up an ass home or i'm not looking good. I assure you lewis. You're not looking good faith but you you showed another person scoring on me fucking cock sucker. Remember that thanks. I'll tell you what. I didn't know that you could have told me that. Was you winning nothing to me. Yeah now you did. It was me. So here's the thing with twitch it's the same shit as this imagine we were just doing this except we were playing a video game at the same time right. Sounds worse than that. Sounds way worse than that. Sounds like this but with less focus he goes. I was enjoying the show all of a sudden three and just started playing a video. You're just on their own. He goes no. We see the video game. I don't know who tom also community things. So people they come together not only just watch you play video games and wish you talk show but also to chat with twitter. I i don't want to hang with people that want to watch video games. It's not that the wanna hang with them because you don't you they want to hang with each other and they're all like minded people so there's fifty of them in a chat room and they're all chatting and talking shit and they're watching the game and half and it's i don't want to facilitate people whose like mind is to watch another person play video games jay first of all. There's a lot of these fans in your fucking your disrespecting them right now. That's fine if you're a fan watching louis play video games. You're fucking jerk. Stay the fuck away from me. Because i think i'm uncomfortable around. You know kwame saying that if you spend any time watching another adult man play and fuck you fuck your girlfriends. If you've bought tickets to cj do stand up comedy. Jay will reimburse you out of reimburse. You doesn't want you there go away. I'll buy you tickets to watch a first place to live show as happy to lewis wars rocket league. J. will buy back any albums of his that you have purchased over the. Don't want you having my thing. You're not enjoy me. Watching people play video suck dick and i don't care about you or your family from every one of those fans you will do well on twitch you might play are you like playing what are your games. Nba nba instill you still play madden jay. Now and Now it's complicated and ufc two. Those are the two games. I see to was the fucking the best usa. Yup that's why i got. I got the new one. That was the still go back and play. Ufc two that last video game. I ever played shrimp gives. We should be doing by the way we can turn this thursday for friday. Zoom show into a fucking video game stream that we could play video games. I'd have more fun playing video games with you guys than yes for sure however. The problem is if anyone if we're doing that and we can look on a screen and it said thirty. Five people are watching. I'm gonna make those people feel really shitty about themselves. You need to fuck if you just done. You need to sign on the watch. Grown men play a video. Game fucking asshole lou. Do you play you play on your tv or you play on the computer. I play on my tv. Okay i have. I have a gaming room downstairs that i'm in right now. It's a whole room just said. Oh the podcasting room. So i can respect you more this. I'm actually podcasting for my gaming room. No game your podcasting room lewis. Please no but it is actually really fun. You connect with the fan base and you communicate and a little chat. I thought it was gas factor. When i was on i was on twitch for probably a year i said to people i was like. I will not monetize this. I will not allow you to donate money to my thing. Because if you donate money to twitch

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