Fastly Glitch Disrupts Swathes of Global Internet


Right now, Ivan, find south with us. The Tigers financial partners here on what we observe today from Fastly and an Internet outage. I mean, you are expert at the review of the companies like Cisco. To make the stuff that we take for granted. Does. AWS does Google, Microsoft and for that matter, does Fastly take for granted the solidity of their systems? Well, I don't believe these manufacturers take for for granted. I believe and users the consumers. They always believed that the Internet is going to work. It's going to work well, it's going to be fast, however. We are in an environment where there is all kinds of cyber attacks just to be disruptive and cyber attacks. To hold companies for ransom to disrupt businesses to create an anti competitive environment. So there's a lot of vulnerability. There's a lot of security, but this again highlights the importance. Of redundancy in the networks, Yes, security in the networks and more and more in the beginning speed of the network and the network worked through the sophistication of the hardware. More and more. A lot of these networks are software defined networks, which are relying on the sophistication of the software. And relying on the software to provide increased security. And

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