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Hey everyone i'm phil mattingly c. n. n.'s senior white house correspondent infra. David chalian and this is the cnn. Political briefing next week president biden jets off for his first international trip as commander in chief with stops in the united kingdom belgium and switzerland in his first major foreign policy speech way back in february president biden laid out this commitment to the world. We will repair our alliances engaged with the world once again not to meet yesterday's challenges but today's and tomorrow's next week that commitment is going to get its first in person and very high stakes test so today we're going to take you through what you can expect to see. Biden's time abroad from the g. Seven meeting in the uk to his meeting with nato in brussels and finally that all important summit with poop now biden has made no secret of the fact domestic policy in this time of dueling and public health. Crises has been his priority but in recent weeks. it's his foreign policy. That has really been put under a microscope. Next week the president will come face to face with some of those pressing issues and for white house exceedingly conscious of appearances in the middle of a once in a century. Pandemic this by far marks. The most ambitious travel schedule at the biden presidency. Now i up on the calendar the uk and meetings with prime minister. Boris johnson and yes the queen as the next chapter of the special relationship is renewed in person but the central focus of the visit to the u k will be that g seven summit. We're biden will meet one on one with member leaders of canada. France germany italy and japan at last year's virtual g. Seven summit was mostly focused on efforts to combat the cove nineteen pandemic but this year. The list of topics is expected to range across a number of issues from covert and vaccine diplomacy to climate the taxes to trade just the economy in general but white house officials are keen to ensure that there is a prime focus on one nation. That's not actually in the alliance china in the moves. It is made across the globe to counter western power. Now it's something. president biden. His consistently talked about his time in office. This battle between rising authoritarianism and democracy. I predict to you. Your children. grandchildren are going to be doing their doctoral thesis on issue of who succeeded autocracy or democracy because that is what is at stake. Now you listen to that and you recognize that. It's at the core of why he used these. Historically close alliance is entitled to a level that they haven't been in years as essential for what's to come all in all. This wing of the trip is likely to focus on revitalizing the transatlantic relationship. It's that bond between europe and the us. After four years of president trump's let's just say volatile approach overall something that is really been a priority for the biden administration. I'm sending a clear message to the world. America is back. The transatlantic alliance is back and we are not looking backward. We are looking forward together following that g. Seven summit biden travel to brussels to participate in the nato summit or he will affirm the long-held us' commitment to nato. The united states is fully committed to our nato alliance to me into the united states us. We'll keep faith with article five. It's a guarantee. Now wh- bein is referring to their article five that is the provision that says an attack on one. Nato ally is an attack on all allies it is the backbone of the relationship the backbone of the coalition and in brussels nato leaders will discuss how to address future threats as well as quote effective burden-sharing. Now if you are familiar with that term. It's because this was a major cause for president trump hammering other member countries to boost their efforts to me proposed defense spending targets but it's worth noting despite the theatrics trump wasn't unique in that push. President barack obama did the same biden administration agrees generally with the same idea but he was. How trump did it. That mini critics thought caused more harm than good and that whole environment. It really sets the table for what biden is doing right now. Trying to re-engage the us in a leadership role in nato. After president trump spent a lot of his time berating those european allies throughout his four years in office and at some points even seemed to question the value of the alliance itself. Now this shift and approach as you might expect has been very warmly embraced by other member nations. in fact here's european council. President charles michel in february lines alone. Light minded partners constitutes a formidable influential power. Let's mitch a partnership a powerhouse for better roads. Welcome back america but it won't be all rosy biden faces a tough meeting with turkish president. John and is expected to face some pressure from nato allies over the speed of the us withdrawal in afghanistan. That biden announced april. Nato also has thousands of troops in afghanistan and they're winding down their mission as well. And while chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark milley assured nato would be deliberate withdrawal of us and coalition forces from afghanistan under the promise of quote in together out together. President biden is going to need to make a concerted effort to ease rising concerns about the speed of that withdrawal among the nato partner countries. It's something his top national security advisers have been working behind the scenes to do for the last several weeks. Now

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