Masks or No Masks? Many Businesses Err on the Side of Caution


But it's co most Brian Calvert found out There's at least one industry still requiring face coverings, no matter what. It seems like a no brainer to this woman. Our industry. It's still Highly recommended. She owns a salon hair, Manny's and Pettis. It's a very intimate close contact service, right? We have no way of social distancing and some appointments run longer than three hours. She's requiring masks for everyone. Other businesses are choosing to do the same and customers. If you go inside any large store around here, the majority of customers are still wearing masks. Even though we know many of them are vaccinated. Every single life is somebody somebody right and I include myself in there that my grandmother died of Covid meet Crystal Monday. She's still big on wearing a mask. Even though she's vaccinated. She knows others feel the same way for several reasons. They don't really know. Which places they can go to safely. They don't know the vaccination status of people. He's even created a website revealing what businesses in her Vancouver BC neighborhood still require masks, she tells CTV. The website went up this past weekend. By Wednesday, she had to pull the sites comment section because just as there is a vocal group still supportive of wearing a mask. There's a very vocal group that feels otherwise. And I had to pull that because people were going in and making false entries. And then, of course, putting harmful content or, you know, calling people sheep, telling them not to wear a mask. Our salon owner realizes some people are ready to ditch the face covering. She's just not comfortable taking any chances yet. I know that there will be a few people that are quite upset about it. It won't be forever. If you still feel strongly either pro or anti mask an important consideration. Perhaps everyone can agree on right now, as we make a transition is good, old fashioned capitalism. Customers can choose where they feel the most comfortable shopping and at this point there appears to be stores that cater to both sides of this ongoing conversation. Brian Calvert. Common use Comeau

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