A highlight from RaM Ep 117 Ricks New Hat Interview w/ Alex and Fred


Shop is as a way to get those and Yeah i think i think. That's all the links. I think that's all that is all the links good good news about the rt public site. Travis i did go in there. I rearranged and a couple of more designs That that we have out there so far actual apathetic enthusiasm the the the green little one that you that you made a little. While yes i also added rounding the rounding the bases logo on their Just just for shits and grins. He keeping it keeping classic though they still haven't folio you know i'm i'm producing them. So you know. Wh what are you gonna tell me. Tell me you just. You could just hold their episodes hostage until they pay like well. It's not gonna hit the apple. Podcasts application unless i start seeing those greenbacks. That's that's that's that's how podcasting works these days All right well brandon. I i just want to let folks know if they're watching the video version There's an end in sight. You this is not the final form for streaming brandon we. We are very close to britain getting actual internet at his house. Correct gosh yes yes. If if if my hope is is accurate. This time around wednesday of this week. June second i will have actual gig oblast internet in ask which which means for video listeners. You hear crappy audio from my end audio listeners. You hear crappy audio from a different microphone but Yeah we're looking forward to that it'll be it'll be a great But fantastic as long as long as it's before june aka father's day aka season five premiere than you know a. We're on golden pond here. Yes yes and and don't forget to catch our podcast dedicated to on golden pond. I i don't have an ongoing pawn pun to come up with for that but as a joke and failed jokes obviously mean it's time to get into our first segment which is semi pertinent news. Screw screw attack a screw rocket tucker semi purna news. Screw conducted tack screw. Lucked attack attack semi bernie news. I i've been very I'm unpacking my my house. After this move right travis and in their stuff on my desk. And i just have because i'm shuffling things around and there is a a single would screw that has that is on my desk that i've been playing with and i was like you know i'm more interested in in this crew right now than then podcasting for the masses So i dedicate. I dedicate this episode to the screw. All right screw. This one's for you i. I will say that they're normally all sorts of little knickknacks and trinkets on my desk. That i tend to fidget with as podcasting And this this morty stress ball from the loot crates that we got a great little just like grab it. Make a lot of noise. So it's it's not super distracting. But that's that's been the that's been the choice for me lately While i listened to you talk when it's your turn on podcast anyway It is semi pertinent news. We have one major news story to discuss. And it's. It's not hard hitting late breaking news. Because in traditional rick and morty fashion they always drop huge announcements immediately after we release an episode. I no rhyme or reason about it. We we record every monday. Basically right and then and then tuesday. We will release the episode and the the past couple of announcements tuesday morning. They announced something right. after after. we've heard your after we've moved on all this this announcement right we. We didn't record until tuesday. I think we recorded. Maybe like tuesday or wednesday and it didn't it the episode. Get out 'til later. They released this news the day after we recorded even though we're accordingly and it was like come on. We can't win. We can't win with them. But of course the news that we're speaking of is we have confirmed episode. Titles that's right. Every episode in season five the titles have been shared the they shared a cool video with with rick hiding out in that like crawl space underneath the house on the tiny planet Dating back to like. What does that the season finale of season to season to season. Two finale. yeah Right before rick and turns himself in So so yeah. So he's sitting down there. He's all sad looking and now he has all of these floating episode titles all around him We're not we're not gonna break these down and do like a huge You know i don't know like dissection of what these episodes could mean if you wanna get our thoughts on possible synopses for the upcoming episodes than you could check out our last episode of this podcast where we came up with our own offices Based on the trailers let's break them down We've got we've got ten. Titles the first one mort diner ric andre. Moore's dinner rick andrei which is a reference to my. Yeah there's two ends in there. It's dinner. I can't read all right. Ladies and gentlemen mork diner more more diner shoney's we never left the show obvious reference to my dinner with andre hashtag. Avi we got more t -plicitly which is You know based off of publicity. The classic the classic kiana honorees film. You tries to save his dog From gang gap. Yeah that's it. That's that's the one. Rick dependent spray rick convenient mort which. I'm assuming that is the one where we see that. Kind of captain america Character because recommends more is as you know in an inconvenient truth. The whole al gore thing. Right amar a mortar can creek fiji which that's a really hard to

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