A highlight from It's A Slow Grind For Bitcoin


On Get everybody welcome to try to cope. Crypto podcast well. So we'll go going on raw now. Dan well tell you what's going on right now. It looks something similar to yesterday's session. Starting to bill and what's my main by. That is the currently both of those. Yesterday we saw a fair bit. You know we not fade. I have been and from the urban. We did start to sell a muslim on actually full. It was full point about full percent at one stage before. I know it's early in the session. We saw a bit of sailing across the top ten of the start of the session and then throughout the rest of the daily powered on and we saw bitcoin Don't want to rise now. Essentially very similar to die as a matter of fact in the lodged was the lost one. Our bitcoin has put on one point. Three nine percent and just shut up Is not really shot a lot. It's it's progress three full grain candles on the fifth day minute to take itself from being down once again to now bank will flat thirty seven thousand two hundred. Seventy two so hopeful. Full reliable is the say that by momentum continue on thrown tape this four hour uptrend silencing in the right direction we still want to get forty thousand nine hundred twenty for that daily trend to now be considered up but baby steps just just just baby steps just some little baby steps little baby steps and will be good to guys right now it is certainly gonna be sitting back a little bit of just throwing scan live on on youtube and facebook so you can go ahead to try to call page on youtube and have a look at that needs say without actually cutting my list off the back of that sky looking a lot at the law firms with a one hour one out of the fifteen if we do say the security come on through that sort of thing that i'll be looking looking at Bitcoin ease flat at thirty seven thousand. Two hundred and forty six dollars a variable side to the same sort of thing is asari same sort of thing. Yesterday we did sell off closing up. Thirteen point four two percent across the top ten. It was limit. What a christmas tree this morning. Lots of grain out there in the market what could potentially eventually become pretty good. Pretty good balance. There's opportunity full a very good move here a very good look sorry. Let me rephrase it. There's an opportunity here for a very good reversal of trends from that dalit momentum back into outward my mentioned was still waiting for that level too bright which is twenty nine space dane i. It's not done that yet. It's a twenty seven hundred non. It's point zero five of the and more or less sort of flat before trend is up. Nothing really going on just yet again. I'll be waiting for the high timeframe low at timeframes to push through a little bit further. Exa pay back above adullah yesterday. Fourteen fifteen percent back above a dollar. It is now officially on the daily timeframe in an up trend. We have the high alive. We have the high high now. What about trading. Well we're gonna push up. It's a bit when settlers looking at all that levels. Nothing if i look at it now on the one hour timeframe we do have a bullish candidates just triggered pushed very very well like guy. We're up three percent over the last hour so bit will we'll momentum coming in from the europeans Leading into the session up three point. Three percent later of the top ten is excellent. Pay at a dollar and seven cents for our trend is also up and quite noise. Bitcoin cash said hundred and four dollars and twenty cents point tool the sent yesterday. Guy up six percent little movie. I saw the huge still waiting for it to break. Above seven twenty five which we will have then a daily up nothing much to speak at this stage not dot how diana to up thirteen point seven percent currently trading at twenty three dollars night saints. Its down point. Non of a percent whiteness this clicking kick as low at timeframe Another coin topped out on ten percent. Yesterday on the closed ten point three percent it was up still on the two hundred dollars. We need to klay two hundred Already swinging into motion. As a matter of fact it's to white seventy nine point nine percent one hundred six seventy three ryan now bonyads good diet as well as we build towards at high alert It was he built towards at high. A high than locally in that highly four are trained own. That daily was up by point four percent. yes they currently. It's up one and a half percent. Three hundred fifty dollars and nineteen cents. Godana was up ten percent yesterday as well. Ten point. three into the dole. Seventy six of one point six three percent to carries through was so close to getting that into an uptrend as well and also pop living into the back end of the australian. All the australasian. An asia session won't let your that'd be really not still gonna get him a dollar eighty three for anything that we can sink teeth into link had a cracker day yesterday did not a hud nineteen point seven percent of that four hour trend will locate the It's in motion. It looked pretty lobby sexy. The thirty one dollars seventy six now trying to pull back today. Two point three percent down at the moment. but i'll twenty percent. yes. I ll have a braida. Thirty one thirty seven and stella forty cents on the dangling one percent up right yesterday it was up seven point five percent so we have seen a little from the bulls brave back into Top ten back into a mock at nicoli. Tx pitcher realistic and say there is a huge amount that was grain. If you're around at the end of yesterday's session and don really hopeful. Wake up to the soda that over. Naught if the market push on a bit further from here we organization simplicity starting to kick in on those time frames and for that. I'll be thankful because then we may just get ourselves some optimal trading conditions. Until then while. I'm going to be honest. I be sitting

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