A highlight from Episode 9 - Fish Camp's Return


And i work in the leadership's leadership and service center and student activities at texas. A and if you're listening to this podcast it's because wanna hear some amazing stories of what's going on on campus as well as to learn some best practices that you can employer with europe within your organization to help make your impact possible and with that we're in a very interesting stage as a university and as a world to be frank in which we're starting to get to really safe point of people being able to resume in-person activities and that's counter to all the conversations we've had on this podcast before and it was really. How do we live in this virtual space so this is kind of kicking off. How do we return to something. We haven't seen in two years and so we're actually going back to the first organization. We had on eight months ago. And we're bringing back on fish camp who i taught us about how to do online meeting successfully. And now we're actually talking. Let's go back to lakeview where this is all happened and without further ado. Let's just jump in with our guest. We've got mike here with us. So mike can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and what's going on hey So my name's mike west. I'm a senior. i guess. Technically super senior at this point major. I'm in the ppa program. Sis my starting my fifth and final. Yesterday and i'm getting my bachelors in accounting masters in financial management I've been student here since my freshman year of fish camp has always been one of the most constant great organizations that i've had. I've been a student at taxation. And i'm here to just you know it's spread the word of how we're doing our things this year. Maneuvering this really uncertain environment but something. That's a little bit more hopeful than it was a year ago I just know that in this point in life in the world. I guess technically we're moving towards a more in person like a more in person kind of experience but also. We wanna chemo safe possible. And you know. That's what i've been dealing with for the past three four months and now that everything starts finally like officially opened up. I'm just trying to figure it out as much as everyone else's and so that's what we're here to kinda talk about today with bruce. Awesome an so looking forward to digging into that. You're right we have to balance this safety and we also have to relearn some things that we haven't seen in a while but might just a little bit about you real fast you. So you're in the program. Which is that three. Plus two program. Right and say graduating with a bachelor's a master's which is amazing That being said what are you hoping to do coming out of the university. Oh well so coming out of an So this past spring. I actually interned with deloitte during accounting firm. One of the big four. And i worked with them for ten weeks. Nothing conclusion my internship. I received full-time job offers. Phased you thank you so yeah. I signed that offer back in april and so once i graduate. I think it'll be like september after graduation summer off and then i'll start working fulltime with them and we'll see what happens after that. A lot of people say big four accounting's a little exhausting. Just gonna let the river figured out just kind of do well. I think that is very exciting for you. And obviously the testament to some great work. You've obviously been doing for them to offer that to you. And interestingly enough you're also the financial director full her fist camp. I think that's kind of nice having this person who's getting a masters in accounting also being the financial director can so. Can you just talk to us like what does that mean for the scope of your role like what is what does that your role look like and then let's dig into what's going on for fish camp for sure. Yeah so i'm the finance director is just said I'm just kind of you know here too. I can run fish camps finances. I'm like the typical treasurer of an organization but Believe it or not fish camp does have a much larger and much more complicated budget than a lot of people think. And it's one of the things where i'm having to figure out use tools that i've learned in school eastern tools that i use my internship. Lots of excel. You have no idea how many things in excel us. V look ups age look ups if it tables. Gosh that it's it's a pain. But i kind of just like do it. All i monitor everything record. Everything do a lot of paperwork with the c. upstairs It's just a lot of things that we do in also work with the accounting team in act. Actually i have a couple of people that i work with like mary like closely during the summer. Especially whenever working on freshmen registration. Because i'm just a student and we have like much. We have people also that will help me help them and we have a team. So it's it's a lot of work But also it's really good for me because one looks great on my resume That's not the main reason. Why do it but obviously it's on the resumes a really good thing to do And it just helps me. Learn a lot about myself and also It helps me grow if that makes sense I'm not the most organized person. Not the most organized person in the world like an admit that and this role has helped me like key organized strategies to stay organized. And it's one of those things where it's like you don't think about it until you're in it and you're like oh wow like. I've actually changed a lot for the better. And that's organizations are great for yeah and that's what like straightforward to and that's brings up my four years here while it's no happened and i think that's so wonderful. You've actually spent that time doing that. Introspection and you kind of were beating around the bush a little bit of like man. This is a lot actually that we manage that.

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