Camilla Lowther on Building a Career as a Fashion Creative


Talking to camilla. Lousa who i call the godmother of the future because she is engaged in so many levels in the lives and careers of people who will probably term and how we view fashion in the coming years. She's always been able to do that as well. She's always had a finger on the pulse. So camilla welcome lovely to see you. Thank you very much tim. Lovely to see. Because i haven't seen you for a very long very long time. But you have been very busy in this lockdown period. There's a few things we have to talk about today. I guess we should stop with your new agency which is called fire. Bearing in mind that you'll old agency c. l. m. manage the careers of of people at yoga and tell and tim walker and katie grand and and people that we know extremely well. Can you tell us exactly what fire is because it is. It feels to me like. It's the new version of salem identing far as the new version of salem actually it it is seattle eminent stands on its own his doing really well on a through a neck which on delighted for but i really was born out of covid. I actually hadn't got when i left salem. It was planned to start another agency tool in any way shape before. And i have been very happy done during lockdown dunk cocktails with camello with katie and love magazine. And that was an really enjoyed doing that. I really hadn't gotten any great plan to do anything. Because i have this year off. And then at the end of last year on wayne and cates who basically a mike founder said to me. Would you like to start another agency. And i said. I would be really interested to doing that as long as i didn't have to completely on it. And so i've we brought shallan Rule larry it. If i was going to be really honest it feels like it's going back to when i first started in nineteen eighty ninety four. You know it's very small. It's very it's not but it smooth you know it's it's baby steps and it really. I suppose is looking off the the new generation the young though the new

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