A highlight from Tues Post Show (6-01-21)


It's time for the bobby bones post show. Here's your host bobby apple. Watch yesterday wearing here band nice. Just don't i don't know yet by like it. What does it do everything so everything but nothing like having five thousand channels and nothing to watch so if i send you a text you get it on your what i do for now because i'm on wi fi but if i don't have my cell hooked up to it and i just tried. I don't know i'm getting news. Alerts now on sort of risk bill. Oh who's texting me. And then it's like the washington post has an article you'll care about. Maybe it's not for you well. I'm not convinced that yet. Okay i think it can be for me. If i cater it that way but i'm way behind on the apple watch train watch us and i think i can do some stuff with this like flying stuff. No calendar updates count years. It'll be like yeah. No kidding tracking when i work out. Maybe there'll be some golf apps onto the tells you how far you are. Gps on the watch them and Probably the hip hop intro. Bobby

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