Ultimate Sibling Rivalry in Sports

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Okay. Sure we all know that. Playing professional sports is hard but playing professional sports against your brother or your sister. Well that's even harder today. We're talking about some of the. Most famous sibling sets in sports history label. You can't talk about popular sibling athletes without mentioning peyton. And eli manning. Two of the best. Nfl quarterbacks to ever play the game. Although there now retired they were both named super bowl. Mvp and are both predicted to be inducted into the pro football hall of fame. While peyton is commonly thought of as the better talent ee lie has an additional super bowl championship to hold over his big brother's head so that might make family dinners a little bit awkward holdovers from clean competitive football dog in this fight but when it comes to famous sports sisters. No one can compare with tennis superstars. Venus and serena williams the to have had an intense rivalry for decades in two thousand seventeen serena beat venus in the australian open and made history as the first woman to win twenty three grand slam titles combined the sisters have thirty grand slam singles titles and nine olympic medals. The best part they still refer to each other as best friends. It is a definitely a strange to be in because no one else has been the position. Assyrian in iran and i think you know all in all the best part is that right now. We're the best at what we do.

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