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Todd cochran and greenlee rob how you do with the new media show. We are back and we're doing this from riverside fm so This a little bit different experience. Todd's on the road as as happens occasionally but it's great to be back doing the show. I'm enjoying my last day here in honolulu. I'll be getting on an airplane. Six o'clock tonight and read eyeing it back across the pond and great. Yeah so we've got a great guest today when it we do that. Intro for our guest. Wrote dan frank talking about mr danny boy. We're talking about the baby. baby dan. Franks joins us toy. Since last time. join. He's the co founder and president of Podcasts movement. i'm sure most people listening this. No no who. You are dan. So but it's great to have you with us again So much to talk about. It's been been quite a quite a journey for the last year since last podcast movement. But it's it's great to be great to have you here. Good be here and you have been following you guys to the multiple times a week and then different days of the week clubhouse and the like i said the new new toys so Yeah good to be here. We'll be honest with you. Dan get my saturdays back. Has been life changing. So i bet of soon as rob says. We're gonna do saturdays again. I say well. Maybe you need to find a new co host to hop on wednesday afternoon then a saturday morning right. I mean it certainly has been a long time for me too. I've been doing shows Saturday mornings i'm going all the way back to nineteen ninety nine. So it's It's it is nice. Steph saturday's pack rob. It just gives you enough time to do a little more clubhouse staff i see you're doing exactly replace the add one thing for replace it from another but Anyway dan man. Oh man it's You know. I'm looking at the calendar here. It's already made twenty-six than they ain't gonna be too long we're gonna be down in nashville. Yeah think Last i looked sixty days was where we're out on the countdown. So it's gonna be here before we know it but Yeah excited we're last weekend or a few weekends ago. Got to see rob in person which was the first time. I've actually been any kind of travel or anything headed to the ambae's so we know we got some experience and it made me even even more excited to actually get out and do things again. I guess you know i. I think that This trip to. Honolulu came here for my son's graduation They're now even in hawaii. They've been the most locked down if anybody state in the country and restrictions on coming in and cova tasks and blah blah blah. But they just released the outdoor mask mandate here last night and Because when i got here. I'm like people are outside wearing masks. Come kind of surprise but You know beautiful son in hawaii. So how is the registration. What do you think your tenants numbers are going to be. I think that's that's a question that might team keep asking me. How many people do we send. Because they're going to be five thousand or two thousand. Is there gonna be. You know any idea what your numbers can like. Yeah i mean. I don't think there's going to be five thousand. I think that would be Know close to double a little less than double our largest year which was twenty nineteen which we had three thousand people there. So i don't think it's going to be that much I don't think i'm trying to think of the venue could actually handle that in a normal year. So it's not gonna be that. But yeah i think kind of baseline two thousand is is seems. Pretty reasonable It's really hard to tell because we always just the nature of events. The last two months is when the flood of registration. Start coming in I'm a lot of people. Just wanna wait until they. We've talked about this every year. Wanna wait until they know they're gonna make it before they buy a ticket even if it's a little more expensive because it's closer to the event and i think we're gonna see like a later rush in more of a rush this year because you know things like you said things are just now opening up in places.

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