What Your Pre-Run Warmup Routine Should Look Like


Let's Hop on over to those questions and this is from jenny who wonders about warm ups and she seems to have stopped to call in this question. Which i know you always love. Hey guys it is. Jenny from allen texas and i m in the warm up a temple workout in one of your half marathon training plans and then just thinking should i be doing strides in this one. Look like in the one mile warmer i into some work I worry about this Wonder it and say that you can answer this question. Take care guys many happy. Well hello jenny. Speaking of the portland retreat or forward to seeing you add it. I know you and some of your buddies from texas convening here so looking forward to that okay all right back to your question i agree. It can seem jarring to jump into a really challenging. You know kinda turn on the turbo jets to do tempo. Or you know other speedier work after quote unquote just a mile or two warm-up i find the older i get the more time i need to warm up so i'll share what i do But i coach timoti offer guidance. Well i think i think The amount of warm up you need directly correlates with age. So i mean i feel like you know if you were a twenty five mile would feel really long. Can't we just get this workout. So i think you know what we did in most the train like a mother plan. Is we try to be super efficient with your time knowing that. You know we don't want to give you. I mean there are some plans for sure that have longer than sixty minutes on the weekdays marathon and training plans and that kind of thing because you have to put into mileage there but we really want to make you know be able to give you work outs. That are compact bite size and doable as possible. So the good news is that you can add anything like as long as you're going at an easy pace you can easily add onto a warm up at onto a cool down. There is no problem there. So if two miles feels better if two and a half miles feels better. You can absolutely do that. You're going to talk a little bit about dynamic warm ups so we can talk about that as well. That might also be a good way to kind of get your body blood flowing and then go into a mile but if you feel like you need one point three miles one point. Seven miles in your schedule allows for

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