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Do you find that in sports media. I know in radio. There's individual shows that are around one sports or at least a local market. You get a local sports channel. They're gonna talk about the bears and the giants and the cardinals. and the forty niners. And maybe the raiders. Even though they're in vegas they kind of bounce around from individual topic but with podcasting feeds you can be more verticalised. You can just have one specific show. I've seen this on the professional level where there is a warrior show sponsored by the athletic core nbc. But i haven't seen it in the collegiate level where there is the cal bears basketball show by anybody other than the cal athletic program. Maybe it's just because cal. Flex aren't as popular as texas in alabama and florida and some of the other major programs. But are you seeing sort of vertical is shows that are individual sports or school specific. I think there's a huge opportunity there and actually more nuance than what you think. Because college sports people tend to be fans of whatever that our team is playing. Even if they don't know the rules of the game like would we started doing e. sports at the college level. I saw some great tweets from college. Sports fans die hard like tennessee football fans. They're like my team is doing well and east sports. I don't know what that is. But i'm a tennessee band so go volunteers and i think there is as you said kind of across sport affinity but then there are some programs and often it could be the revenue generating sports football basketball but it also could be some of the olympic sports where the fans a lot has been written recently about the fans being very fluid in that. They don't get a lot of game day or meet day content because of the nature of the sport there van said they are used to looking for nontraditional content to keep up with what's happening in gymnastics or field hockey or swimming or rowing. So i think there's opportunity to do exactly what you are talking about in especially because of that community element. I think we talked about that. A couple of episodes ago is that. There's nothing like that college community. College community can be rallied around a specific type. And i think you're onto

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