A highlight from Ep. 713


What are actually. Somebody told me and hotdogs lips. Lipson assholes go into the like of the cow cow cow over going. Yeah so yes for the is the ass. In the lifts they say hung torch you where chocolate support line. Where did you get hot dogs that vicious dog and that's in la north hollywood. That's up up about. Yeah that's like say you guys here. We're talking hotdogs. Oh you want. I like hotdogs wants sausages. I just i hear and it might be a rumor but i think right. Then they take the others the lips and the asshole because you gotta do something with that. They grind that up. Spice it up. And that's in your hot dog now. You're not and you look up. What's in a hot dog these scraps but it makes sense because none of us really cared. We all do them. We give a fuck up. That's general don't know that's what we were saying. Have you had a good one. I can't remember last monster jam and it was fantastic. Yeah it's all about the punt. Who has brought a thick bra brought scott to but i know brats brats are using real like pork but it ain't and at the same situation names of the pig remain so remains pretty general. Yes really get the hundred percent beef. Franks but they but you're still getting scrotum skin percent be all know not want dick Tongue anybody heats vigor doodling as part of a hot dog. Do you ever eat you. Ever eat tongue. Steer tongue it's disgusting. Ooh oh yeah. They'll cut us up and can't even even google's pretty general channel. Have you have you had tongue lingua. Having it's disgusting didn't have tacos couldn't get enough of these wonderful little balls. That were in lebanon yogurt sauce. When i was at a lebanese restaurant i ate them and i ate all of them and they were. They were goat balls we. What is it like nut. There go nuts. But i didn't realize it because are so delicious because they were lebanon yogurt sauce. I'm doing this doing thinking. They were like around a meatball thing about me guys. Got another story couscous. Yup juicy white hope bullet. How big were their copa. They're about that big delicious. Boliko paul's prepared justice. Until after the fact why is this place good meal because i give another on because so

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