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It wouldn't matter how much money you had. You could have the best contractors in the world and all the best you know supplies out there but if you went to go build a house and everybody showed up the very first thing they would say. Where's the plan. So the money doesn't solve it all the best people working on it dunk. Salva if you don't have a plan and you don't have a strategy and that strategy includes what part is the development inside. What part is the marking decide. What is the end. Bulwer trying to get to everybody following that map you just end up like i said you're not going to get the house you wanted to build. You're listening to digital conversations with billy. Bateman the demand gen leader source for the latest revenue strategies presented by channels all. Alright everyone welcome to digital conversations. I'm your host billy bateman and today i am joined by jeannie larson marketing director at deb. Simplify genie thanks for joining me today. I'm excited to be here. Thanks billy yes. I think it's it's gonna be fun. I'll let you introduce yourself in just a minute but we're going to really be talking about the relationship between having in-house marketing and dev and how they can complement each other But before we get into that just tell us a little bit about yourself and about death. Simplify hey charlotte. So my name's jenny larson. I've been a serial entrepreneur. Sense had my first child at twenty. Two and i ended up in marketing. Really from just hands on learning it in the trenches. I started marketing my first company before there was an internet talking the yellow pages tacking up steph on boards might verse company was a preschool and so i really did have to have to get kids here in that kind of thing and it went into my first actual company where i was doing marketing and trying to figure out how to get a product out of the market was purchased a scrap company the subscribe kits and The owner was one of my actual preschool. moms anyway. Bought the company from her. And i loved scrapbooking at the time and my first true deduction into marketing was with that company. How do i get these kids to stand out amongst a million other this is before obviously scrapbooking with digital. So how do i get hits to stand out amongst a million other papers stickers scrapbooking material and so rather than going to scrap booking stores. I went to bookstores. 'cause they were kits that could be hemmed. And so i- landed a desert book account a single book and tape account and they ended up just being huge. Hits were from utah. So i- tapped into the mormon market. And just i looked at the biggest market. We had in how. I could sell them in. What street to their stores. And that was really my first introduction into marketing strategy and had natural knack for it. And i've been doing it ever since so awesome awesome so stirred with the preschool. The scrapbooking and now you're a dev. Simplify were them. Simplify is yeah and what you guys do in about. Your older developments simplified is a full development company. The thing they do most is custom development fast product apps processes back in so they do custom coding and they do a lot of websites as well. But not so much wordpress sites or wicks type sites. These are sites where people need something very specific or they want a very specific customer journey or something interactive that you have to have custom coding written for and so i actually approached. My brother is one of the owners. He's owners with two other people. And i approached him and said you know it just makes sense to me that you guys would offer marketing solutions. Because you're a developer. Usually if someone is getting a product developed they actually did take that product to the market and so that kind of how that whole journey started. And i was about four years ago and since then we've just become a real powerhouse team between marketing and development. We've realized i brought in marketing. Customers that needed development and development has brought in customers that needed marketing. And so we've actually created this really cool powerhouse team.

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