COVID Variant Adds to San Francisco Residents Worries


Remember that moment just about a month ago when it felt like everything might be okay, the economy was opening, people were starting to pack restaurants and bars in the Castro district. Lots of people were out celebrating high vaccine rates were so proud of San Francisco groups of friends toasted to good times ahead. Oh, hey, everybody is so in a better mood, the exhausted healthcare workers were feeling it to doctors were experiencing their first real lull in the pandemic. We had no patient of Covid patients for a while. I did have a break for about three weeks with no, really No covid in the hospital where it was like covid updates. None and everyone's like, Yeah, let's start with something else. Then the delta Variant Kane. KQED health reporter Less than McLaren explains what this turning point in the pandemic means and what public health officials are trying to do about it. Delta is spreading 2 to 3 times faster than the original strain of the virus, 47 states reporting an increase in cases, the daily average tripled. In the last month. Covid cases have shot up almost 70% in a week in the U. S. The Delta variant is driving the summer surge and the head of the CDC war. And while the pandemic is largely hitting unvaccinated communities, it's even taking hold in places like San Francisco, where more than 75% of eligible residents have their shots. Breakthrough cases are rare, but they happen. Some even end up in the hospital, mostly seniors.

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