Threads Across Time With Sarah Bond

Stitch Please


Welcome sarah thank you so much lisa. I'm so grateful to be. Here is such a delight. I am super excited. We know that you are quote maker with lots of experience. We know that you specialize in traditional but also with this gorgeous modern touch. Can you talk a bit about how that started. I read that nineteen. Seventy nine was a big year for you in the beginning of your quilting career. Can you talk about more about that. In one thousand nine hundred nine. I made my first quilt. That i quilt was made in an era when we didn't have rotary cutters and a mats and big rulers. I made this quilt with cardboard and a pencil and some scissors and also machine. And i used fabric that i had leftover from garments that i had made i was sitting in the sewing room or the guest room in my house. My mother came in and she said what are you doing. And i said oh. I'm making a quilt. And she said why. And i said i'm not really sure exactly why but i really feel like i need to make this quayle field. This is my mission. This summer was a summer between years in college. I was determined. And so i made this quilt pieced. It all together and sandwich did with that lovely nineteen seventy-nine polyester batting and hand quilted. It took back school with me in the fall. I didn't really know at that time. When i was making this quilt. I didn't really know all the stories about quilting in my family. But i still felt this. Push this creative encouragement from somewhere. To make this quilt.

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