Moderate Drinking Linked to Lower Heart Attack Risk


Tied to lower risk of heart attack and death in patients with heart disease. The largest benefit. 50% reduction in the risk of heart disease. Compared with nondrinkers was seen in people who drank an average of six g of alcohol per day. How much is six G? Uh, how many bottles is that? A standard unit of alcohol is eight G in the U. K, whereas the average drink in the U. S. Contains 14 G Was that of that of alcohol, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. So People who averaged eight g per day had a 27% lower risk of death from heart attack, stroke or angina. Compared to those who do not did not drink. Those who drank, drank seven g a day had a 21% lower risk of death. Due to any cause. Drinking higher amounts up to an average of 15 g of alcohol a day were linked with smaller reductions in risk.

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