Newsom Now 'Owns' Homelessness, Crime, for Better or Worse


America's best dressed columnist. He was very sporty when i met him at. Cpac it's david. Drucker of the washington examiner. How are you david. Thank your great. How are you. i'm doing great. I hear you are writing about gavin. Newsom our governor hairstyle and they might be in trouble. What's up with that. Well we'll see in the end. I know democrats were a little concerned and a lot has to do with a turn out in the way This thing shaping up is that you know any republicans with a pulse is gonna show up and the question is will democratic voters show up now and again not not so much because they decided they don't like newson therefore they won't show up but it's a special election they probably don't think you can lose. They're not as galvanized or enthusiastic To going mid-september timber in an off year where republicans are in the meantime. Newsroom is navigating all sorts of political pressure Tolbert is still a problem. He's a disaster on covert he. He's he's trying to enforce masks on everybody but his pals the teachers not them then he and by the way the reason i sorta cove and getting different problem is the people. I talked to said. Kobe is it really necessary. Lee his problem. You know the fact that it hasn't gone away from what they told me is really popping off the charts the homelessness issue and decrying issue and absolutely he wide their statewide problems that are registering with win. Vote

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