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Tuesday may the twenty fifth in the year of twenty twenty one and happened to be with you here tuesday off to a good start and looking forward to a today's show and all this week's show but tom harris gonna join us. The voice vendrell down since two thousand eighteen the emerald season underway. They race Wednesdays and thursdays and then in june. I think june twentieth is when sunday's come into the mix. No sundays have always been the big day in washington racing. Obviously last year. A little bit of anomaly. But i remember as a kid going along acres and even at emerald is like the stakes races. Were always on sunday now. The the tradition more so now at emerald but everywhere is is to kind of have the super day right like once every month. You have a big stakes day. We've kinda grants pass. We kind of do it. The old way which is kind of had one stakes week or you know. Sometimes you have one on saturday one on sunday but there was always a centerpiece of the card. And you know the rest of the card was made up of climbers and allowances maidens and all that kind of stuff but it seems as though the dominant trend nowadays is to have you know loaded stakes card and it kind of makes sense from a you know if you have a group of stakes runners on your grounds like they all get to run every three weeks or four weeks or however much they space them out of five weeks and in some places and you know if they want to go to a different division or something like that. I guess it makes it probably easier for them. I mean it used to be like you know. Three zero phillies would run. I at emerald and the next week of three zero boys and then the older boys and so on and so forth but Seems the big day is is kind of the thing now and most tracks will mean fairgrounds a good example right like they have the big saturday right before christmas. I guess thanksgiving is kind of a big day. And then it's like lacob day at the end of january risen star day at the end of february and louisiana derby day at the end of march. And the that's kind of the season in terms of the stake stuff but Yeah we still grants pass. We still do it kind of spread out. There is like a one stakes each card or not actually each carpet sometimes just once a week. But i digress. But yeah excited. Welcome tom harrison. As i said the voice of down. I tweeted the other day Sunday was the anniversary of the passing of henson was the longtime announcer at long acres. Lawmakers was around for from nine thirty five to nineteen ninety-two. they only had three announcers. The whole time. Harry henson of course famous from hollywood park and Del mar and then chick. O'neill who was the in between guy between gary henson who was hired nineteen seventy-three and so gary was you know. I mentioned a lot of these older names. Sometimes you know. I talk about lucrative boss and obviously for me. I'm closer to the world of announcing that. I m some of the other things but you know when it comes to even trainers and jockeys and owners and stuff like that like i. I like the idea of trying to remember it. Remember these people. Even though you know gary it's almost been twenty years since he's gone. These were important members of people's racing. Lives and i and i like hearing about that from other people. I remember when. I first got into announcing i remember getting all these people that would comment to me. Oh yeah fill. George f is at your favorite. You like phil george georgia. He's the best. He's the best. And i had never even heard of him. And but what i loved about learning about him was how many people in the midwest and across the country like had great memories of his calls the spinning out of the turn and those kind of things and it goes for for trainers and jockeys as well right. I mean you know of course allen jerkins and big big names like that you know we're gonna remember on the days of their stakes racism and people who are closer to them. We're going to remember them. You know for for many other reasons. But for th- racing fans you know sometimes the the smaller name connections or the middle name middle of the road kind of folks don't get remembered as much and i think it's an important thing to to keep those memories alive and think about those people and You know so. I think of gary henson and i just i have flooded with memories of childhood and my dad and go into the raises and tom and i actually talk about that. A little bit. in the interview coming up. But you know. I never met gary and in fact he died about a month after i started working at emerald dams and so i don't know that i ever would have met him but You know i wish i would have. I would have loved to have said hello to because he was kind of the wizard of oz right. He was the voice behind the curtain. Because he was you know you never saw him on. Tv or anything. So i didn't know what he looked like side note. I saw pictures in the years later. Great hair great. Hair on gary hansen. But you know it would have been cool certainly to To get to know him and tell him like how much i loved his calls as a kid and his cool voice or hear. Neko macapa on the outs It the opening quarter twenty two and two. That's fast that was one of my favorites. He would just so matter of fact. I say the quarter twenty one and four. That's fast yeah we know. Thanks but anyway so waxing nostalgically anytime. I have anybody on from emerald five joe with or even robert geller when he was there now. Tom hairs like i'm going to. I'm going to turn into fifteen year old. Jason and i'm going to think about you know those days at emerald the early days long acres and all that stuff so you guys just got a bear with it. That's all you gotta do but anyways you know quite day news it seems like all. The three year olds kind of making their plans. Now as we get set to talk about belmont stakes. now's midnight. Bourbon gonna give a little break up. Go to the jim. Dandy of mandolin they said is going to go to the pegasus. The monmouth pegasus and You know as somebody tweeted me the other day. Hey the monmouth pegasus stallion maker. Right in the tagged me. 'cause king for a day they play that commercial all the time. And that's the that's the one big racy one was the ungraded pegasus stakes but does sounds like obeys. Those might come back in the wind stakes which i know it was originally talked about. Maybe mandolin would go there. caddo river still You know in and amongst the mix for i think for the matt win as well and so everybody kind of making their plans and there's so many for so many tracks that premier three year old race or the summer derby of some sort. It's a big thing and so there's just there's so much money out there to be made for those horses I did see something really interesting. That came out was that nikko is Possibly pointing towards the breeders cup mile. I'm sorry british come out the met mile And the in the article grinning road on the racing form. They asked him He was going to go into the steve sex mile lonestar and obviously lonestar with a big weekend coming up for day and we'll we'll probably talk about that a little bit more as we get closer to it. I think by my standards of set to go and it's easy rockets. Four hundred thousand dollar race and so. We'll talk about that later on in the week but Brad cox's message to dave grant was no charlatan when he asked why this the change of plans.

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