A highlight from Danny Ainge Retires; Brad Stevens Named President of the Boston Celtics; ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Is Pissed At the Players and Storms Off the Set; More Fauci Emails Released; Nicole Wallace Tells Fauci His Emails Make Him 'Look Good'


Danny aines step down as president of the celtics brad. Stevens ascended to that office in the head. Coaching job came open for the first time in eight years. I'm looking at the odds right now. Turtle boy and cullen the odds for the next head coach. Jason kidd is the favorite. Sam because sell lloyd peers. Chauncey billips. i would set. I'm gonna make it simple for some of these other names odds for a white guy getting the job. I'm gonna place it at a billion to one. What do you think turtle. But we do agree. Include jason kidd's pretty close to white. I i'd i'd i don't think so. I think it is amazing that we've reached this point where it could be. You know the greatest. I don't know who's the greatest white gregg popovich could be available or younger. Gregg popovich are. The guy quin quin snyder in a and they would not doesn't coach the jazz. Quincy sangram given you the hypothetical and if the hypothetical co candidate were white he would not be considered even though You know. Stevens white white. The why we're talking about race when we could be talking about gender gender everybody show should be snappiest tation. Jerry's is gay pride month. Whoa that's a good point. I don't know of any of the candidates would qualify but the the white person that is highest on this odds. I don't even know becky hammon. What is she is she black. It doesn't matter. She's a woman and What's the white. She's also the highest. The white person with the best chance of getting the job is a female. Which obviously she's not going to get the job. I'm thinking yesterday when i see Carol is what's lawson era lawson cara cara loss. Thank you like every other sports radio show and who the fuck is a else knows. I know she's the do coach. But this is the point we've gotten in this in this current climate to the point of what the level of whoop nece is my friend. Dan shaughnessy wrote about this. And he mentioned seriously that the celtics if they really wanted to be bold they could give the job to carolina on the first and make her the first female coach head coach in the nba scallop brainy. I believe he's the colored guy on the knowing as hell but he's the the colored guy on the tv broadcasts in an analyst on the local station he agrees that's it would be. It'd be a good and a bold choice to hire a woman to coach. The celtics now is it and we got to the point where all where. We're all supposed to nod in agreement here. No that's not really your thing turtle boy. Are we supposed to take this seriously. And say gee would that. Be a good fit. Kara lawson or becky hammond. I thought you were kidding this whole time. I'm not kidding. I got the shot in front of me He literally rights. He lists a few of the candidates. chauncey billips kendrick perkins and. Then he says if they want to think outside the box they could consider cara lesson. Now they're gonna play along with this week. Respect the owner does kick press conference. Or even brad stevens. They'll say she's a terrific coach. She was here in the past in a way she will take a long good long look at her. But here's the thing and chelsea rights. We know it's not just xs and os in fact that's secondary we know it's relating to these young guys getting the most out of a motive. Not not losing them. That's why a guy. Like doc rivers has lasted so long and such a made so much money and had such a long run. He can relate the guys they respect them. Does anyone really think a woman. Even a good college coach could step in and gain the respect completely. A bunch of twenty one year old guys and really Win like really contend for title. Maybe someday but i don't think we're at that point that i don't think it's you know nantel neanderthal thinking to think it's a little bit of a stretch right now to think the celtics are going to hire a woman a woman. She's going to do better than brad. Stevens as head coach. Because i don't she can relate to them. Catchy manage a game. Can she pump up locker. What do you really need. What do you really need to be. Nba basketball. I think the young guys have to respect for you. Have to respect you. Play hard for you and trust you believe in you all that. That's the most important thing. I think anybody could do the xs and os and i think even guy like you know like a guy like popovich. She's an old white guy but they respect them. They know what he's done. He's like the check of the nba. But i don't i. I didn't even know any of this was going to happen did you. Did you know that brad. Stevens was going to resign. And danny aines going to quit if they lost the series. No i did not. I mean i think about age. I think there were rumors about age. He's had a heart attack. You know he's had a long run. It's eight hundred. Eighteen years of been running the franchise at good long run One one title in a one. A lot of game rebuild. It rebuilt nicely made some great. I mean one of the greatest treats average trading for the third pick from all these things. He's ever any. Gm's ever done and that house at a p look right now. I mean it looks great. He's he's made some great trades head yet big balls. He did take some chances. And i think he had a good long run could use another title was was a pressure for him to step down. Do you think are they upset. It's a good question. I mean i not that i know of a man. I just think he you know he was going to do eventually anyway. You know it's amazing how you wanna feel old and l. There's lots of things to make you feel old mayfield these days but the guys my i thought our guys of ages generation like larry bird of course if i thought kevin mchale that that that generation of guys they're too old and again popovich is an exception but a guy from that era of the bird kale age years whoever else freedom ceased ever else was on that team. It's being just you would eliminate them because they're too old. It's gotta be somebody younger. It's got to be one of these former players and the favorite. Sam sell chauncey billips. Jason kidd i think it's one of those guys i think they pick one of those guys and i'm not saying it's because of race. I'm just saying there's not the the they're they're going to not just dismissed the white guys. They're just going to say these guys. You know this era. These guys kid billips. They can relate better to the players. The players respect them. I think it will be one of those guys. And then they don't have to worry about Stephen a smith lasting them going off on them for for what whatever i mean. Have you seen this turtle. When he walked.

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