Colonel Scott, Trump And Marc MEREDITH discussed on Tony Katz Weekend


The Republicans have come up quite a bit from where they started mentioned says bipartisan bills already passed this session. Give him hope The two sides can find common ground boxes. Colonel Scott former president Trump revealing some details on his political future functions. Marc MEREDITH, if he is going to run, that is the big question. We also asked if he's going to be going to the same ticket that he had in 2016 and 2020 if he runs If you were to run again with Mike Pence be your running mate. You know, Mike and I have a good relationship. We continue to have a good but it's too early to be discussing running mate. Certainly, Trump certainly seemed eager to talk about 2024 at a later date. But, he says right now that he's focused on the midterm election, former President Trump spoke last night at the North Carolina Republican Convention as vice president, Kamala Harris travels to Central America to discuss migration. Criticism continues over the border crisis. Missouri Republican Congressman Jason Smith believes the president's proposed budget ignores the situation. This budget that President Biden released a week ago Friday in the afternoon before Memorial Day Holiday weekend provides $6 trillion of spending just this year, but they couldn't find one additional dollar for the border. Wall. Smith on Fox News Sunday morning futures America is listening to Fox News 93

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