A highlight from Episode #546 - Live From The Creek And The Cave - Tim Dillon, Tony Hinchcliffe, & Zac Amico


You're not doing sipping water. Humphry smith you're in austin texas. Everybody international superstar in one the only bird talking blues skirts. I don't what happens early morning but you know we have an amazing show. We're talking awesome the credence meal the capsule the security guards. It's been one of the home yet. But i know they're coming out there. The tent city counters per se. But i walked over to the book in place to do right. Ben show. And i won't leave the -mongst them a few they one of them. We may not show. I felt safe. But i would understand how the white folks of austin texas were feel a little bit uncomparable homeless people thought. Wow on i. I don't know the story when off with being stupid right now. I'm not a skilled fighter. Anyway was surrounded by a bunch of homeless. I would make them my movie getting the stabbing coming. I elise athletic population of the world. They are all. They don't have shoes from cigarettes over their head. Get it see your nothing. Is it worse than san francisco. The san francisco san francisco was true. Hell his mother on your way there. Translate this much san francisco by they're trying to be the fucking tenderloin is in francisco. But i saw walk by. Show story hughes's bleeding from space walk. Do apartment building there was a guy bracket. These people were homeless here. Tenfold if there was a guy stomach industry fix covered in blood and almost bumped into me and then went through the revolving tour of the bill apps on the floor pick themselves up wobble security and then i very whiteley went over to the security guard. What's that all about eve. Feels he here share. Not when that guy girlfriend told me better access girlfriend lives there. And they oscar. So i bet i did think for an hour beyond haven't when when i heard that information. I was a girlfriend stopping smoking. Just deal with this junky idiot. Everybody's just wondering about their wonderfully sealife to be here. Still hot chick would've asked to not be fat. You fucking scumbags on your and world okay with that because we used so i'm will very in chapter rate now. You might be fat in the summer noises. Landing walking on scour in the crowd crowded trying to find a person that they're not here to point somebody out now and i was like the whole bunch of fucking here is still in the middle got spalding. The chicks hit navy though the taxes are hot to hang out and just fucking rock and do their all. Their fathers will only love each year. The for something. Imagine having affect cheerleader. How awful magic just in general. You're on a football team of fetch. You needs to be true horses skin. Victors really upside down here. Algebra citizens name and they have the team through the sixers. And there's a girl on the dance. Team i go to the games. I just noticed every time. Because she's like definitely super chubby. But every time i just i only stare her. Go go that route other sheila shifted. Probably nobody else would be sitting judging. He's doing this on. I'm sure pretty good after exit is fucking raining sixers on a verse with cellphones. And you know food. Speed uber very typical airport today. Who over kinston year again. This luxury radios ice. Berg is killing them right now. By the way. Lewis does every louis like the science. It just completely get his back. Your car in the middle of the street cop's behind siren. We artemije here. Come the cops and who's not flu war. You're not white straight up saying this guy stole a car from sir sir. Tom pablo stole very easily. Be probably what for liberal politics. Detaining constitute their.

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