'Hero Rat' Who Sniffed out Dozens of Landmines Is Retiring


I read a story. I read a story today about rats detecting landmines. There's a gigantic rat. His name is my Egawa. And he is the hero Rat who is retiring from his job detecting landmines now, Shane Ask me how a rat detects landmines. Hey, Jack. How does a rat detect the landmine? Well, they go around and they've been trained to smell the landmine, and then they go up to it because they're so light. They don't blow it up. And then they start digging a little bit around the landmine and then other people actually come up and they removed the landmine. In his five year career, Mangala, the gigantic rat has sniffed out how many land mines do you think in his five year career? Shane Imagawa? You know, Jack, I actually have heard of this story before, and I can't remember the exact number But right it's it's pretty shocking number like he's found like hundreds, maybe hundreds, hundreds, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of landmines. He weighs 1.2 kg, which in America talk is £2.6. And his 70 Silin meters long, which, again in God's language is 28 inches long. And while that is far larger than many other rat species, he is still small enough and light enough and he does not trigger the minds if he walks over them, So that's the way the

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