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Sounds so funky here. We are another fabulous episode of small doses. We've been doing this thang now for three and a half years and this conversation is very overdue topic but in terms of guest because this person has been brilliant this time and and we and we've been discussing like we haven't we need to having finally glad that we're able to make it happen and the conversation today Around politics clearness is incredibly important. Because it's also very rooted in the specificities of black queer folks and the uniqueness of that politics and you know we've been talking about intersection audi in the ways in which that shows up and the ways in which he gets ignored and in this conversation is an imperative part of understanding the scope and the context of what it is to be not just queer in america but black and queer in america and the politics surrounding that not just on a literal level of like legislation etc but the social politics of that. And then how that relates to those of us who don't identify as queer and what our role is in that as well and so one of the greatest voices to speak on. This is my friend david johnson. You know what. I'm going to let him identify for you. Why he is one of the right. Correct voices has begun this because everything okay and i try to pride myself on bringing people to the mike who have not just an interest but have an expertise in these specific areas that we talked about so dave so please just give folks because you did this right before we came on the air but like give folks. It's like a basic kind of overview of luck with where you come into this conversation as not only an expert but also as an advocate and supporter. Yeah i appreciate that. But before i do that i wanna say. How of you amanda. I've known you for a couple decades down brilliant. You been knowing. He shouldn't people who have been willing to not only watch. You do the work and i. Don't you get enough of credit or the way you teach and the the mini spaces in which you teach so. I just want you to hear my heart. When i say i keep it in our appreciate it and thank you to your question no cool or the answer to your question for those who have not yet had the pleasure of engaging with That i'm a teacher and speaker. I'm a writer. I currently lead the national black justice coalition. It is the nation's only civil rights organization that is intentional unapologetic in standing at the intersection of racial equity. Lgbtq i the quality with that means as we acknowledged that even before the times lgbtq existed black people showed up and beautifully diverse waves. We also understand the lesson a fan of famer and so many others that are less than until all of us have free now. One of us will be free and so much of my work has been had by biz desire to ensure that we have black folk are able to engage in france. Cc battle would call white supremacy re have and find ways to hold space for one. Another allow us to thrive in spite of all of the challenges that we face as a result of white supremacy anti-black niche transphobia trans massage. Who are all of the things that black minutes referred to. As the matrix abomination war decides systems in symbol that allow note systems of oppression to be omnipresent yet acronym visible at the same damn time and specific to the question Where are the politics of clearness. I'm gonna. I'm gonna push something i heard you saying the intro. You know this is really important for those of us who are not. We're the listen to a lover of words one of my majors and identify queer. And here's here's and he who don't identify as queer. The purest stents and application of the tar queer in american context means that all of us were black or queer. We're terrifically simply made that which is not dominant pejorative in those of us. Who are not white says able body protestant or catholic all of the things that laws have been built around protect or provide people access to as a result of or legal decision. And i think too often we as black folks don't provide ourselves with enough space to be critical about hobbies arms committed to be and more specifically how they are weaponized and pushing on this. Because i want us to celebrate that there's so much space for occupy at blackbox. We think about quietest not a white folks have a bastardize. The terms specifically the placid lgbtq boozman or community but when we think about the laboratory possibilities that come from thinking about it celebrated quietness in. Its flynn's to push back on that. It is very important to understand that. There is a privilege and occupying assists hetero space and that in in being able to identify that you are not occupying lgbtq. I plus space you have to. Then i'd knowledge your privilege in being hetero and in that in acknowledging that privilege be able to apply you know that privilege to creating space and creating support for those who are not in that you know what's become considered a norma space and so to me really just saying like i understand. I recognize my privilege as assists as hetero person. And i also recognize the uniqueness and the and the difference and i am not only recognized but exalts in and empower the space of folks who do not consider themselves a part of this particular labelling darris even appreciate that that makes sense to me.

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