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Days from a hyper extension. He tracks down the block All that length. It was premonition of LeBron. Oh, my God, That's the same thing. I thought it was like that looked exactly like it. Maybe not quite the same. But somebody's not thinking about his knee problem, right? First in the last two minutes side in Milwaukee holidays, got it drifting to his left eight to shoot. We just lost the dribble and out of bounds across the baseline Turnover Number seven on Milwaukee. That's five turnovers in the corner for Milwaukee. 57 49 sons lead their largest at eight right now, as Chris Paul gets into the front court sends it back to Crowder steps into a three missed it short kind of got out to contest. Janice has it for the Bucks. Three seconds difference on the halftime clock and the shot clock with 19 seconds to go in quarter number two. Hilton holding about 10 ft. Inside a half bridges waits for him at the three point line down eight Middleton cutting around the screen from IANA speeds, Yanis on the drive, kick out content He drives in the lane looks to wrap around the past, and they did not get it to holiday in time. It's a shot clock violation. No recognition of the shot clock contents and probably should have took the three initially. And once he put it on the deck, at least shoot the runner. Get that ball in the rim. And maybe you get an offensive port. And this is why Crowder quick shot that three. It was National exuberance as he normally does. That was he was trying to get a two for one here two for one, but a lot of times. People just think you can throw up anything on a two for one. It still should be a semi quality shot. They put up 3.8 seconds. Booker has it half court. He no good off the back iron and that's the half of its sons. 57 Bucks. 49 Chris Paul had all 11 of his points in the second quarter. Devin Booker, leading three sons in double figures with 16 very important. First, typical Chris Paul. Outing right two shots in the first feel his way around the game a lot more aggressive in the second, and they take the eight point lead after the impressed by Yannis and become who definitely was fatigued, But 10 points, nine rebounds, three assists. I'm just gonna say I still marvel that there's three starters 24 years or younger for the Phoenix Suns

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