A highlight from 257. Confrontation with Catherine Bohart and Ashnikko


To you by haagen dazs. Ice cream of ice creams. Don't hold back. i'm a feminist. But i feel like. I'm a more powerful ones since i got my boss bitch headcount. That's right say goodbye to the lockdown. Doughty nece where. I didn't really feel like a powerful woman is right here. Is everything antony. I'm a feminist bus. When the last lockdown eased the first phone call. i made as in before calling. My mother was to cole and book. Laser hair removal. Oh listen i honestly. I waxed before i got my head calm. So i'm no one to. He was the worst phone call ever. Because i rang. And i don't know if you've made that call you ring and they ask you like how much of your lips you want to expose. What's up with your mind. Like what are you gonna do. Hair-wise tell you not to shave the bits that you want to keep all that jazz. And then at the end she goes cool. So what color is the hare at the end. I've already given her my email address and my lip exposure and ideally and she goes what what i was like all. I'm redhead. she was like oh. I'm so sorry we can't help with us. Oh 'cause you can only get laser if you've brown or dark brown hair. The laser doesn't pick up fair or red hair so if told this woman my phone number my email address my preference is on my lips and then she was like you no. This is a ginger free zone. What oh catherine. That's humiliating interest so embarrassing. Oh god this took your holiday to cheat. You didn't give fake name. No but man. I wish i had so now. When she sees you on live at these hollow. She's going to be like she is. She's a natural redhead. You know she'll be saying to everyone in the room when she sees on the telly. She's an accurate because she raghav quality. Laser hair removal. I told you we didn't do that. Heads are remember the name specifically. I was also just. She will remember me because i decided so dejected. I was like oh. I got really nihilistic about it i was like oh well i guess that's been so she'll be like yeah and she's really not okay. She really wants that head on. But the thing is i. I'm not sure about laser hair removal because fashion changes. And like i know people that did lays it off their armpit hair and it has ryan now so i just think i'm i don't know you wanna permanently. Get rid of hair also. You may decide later on that you to use amounts of from sex in cities. Words prefer bush. I mean i've had required a wild at. I think if i don't love it now but listen this is. I'm a feminist but moment you're probably rise. Listen we're also. I just i just stop to go down there. I'm gonna you a new laser hair company just for redheads. All completed put the investment in technology. I think i'll call up moses and the because the insignia will be a burning bush incredible that was so quick. I love your marketing. That the plays i will attend on. I'll bring the hordes of red heads. I know with me who are being discriminated against for being ginger because no one cares about gingers. Finally people are talking about it. I'm a feminist. But i just bought myself a pretty pink jewelry box and the only thing i'm mad about is that it doesn't have a ballerina spinning around in the middle. So pretty i know that would be recognized. Also like d- do you ever find that music. Quite creepy in those ones with dolls are yeah yeah peaceful but the music was always like. I'm going to kill my mom a you all right. Actually you know what i mean. I'm a feminist. But when i discovered that the laser hair removal place a head cold did not provide that service for redheads. I spent twenty four hours figuring out. If i could get it banned so that no other woman could access laser hair removal. If i couldn't feminism's all about equality. Fred has caught habit. I don't see why anyone should now saying mean not at wanted so i'm fine with you. Banning it for every body parts. I am going to go out on a limb and say that as a white woman i don't think you should be banning it from women of color who are discriminated against for having more hair. How about your deborah. And i have pushed back on your deborah sign appropriate. They can have it. you happy. fine. I i feel like that's not the attitude iva feminist but when i was humping this episode on confrontation i actually was trying to read about confrontation but accidentally went on an internet worm hole. About what matthew. Perry is doing now and we'll samples matthew perry. He doesn't look well. Oh what a shame. What's up to think he's bets He's met someone. I want that for him. Yeah he didn't he wasn't about place and he looked like you said about place. What good latest celebrity gossip. But he didn't place but then he's met somebody who describes us wonderful when on the planet. I think i'm gonna check her age. I don't think now. listen. I'm not one to say you can't have an age gap but i am one to point lots of celebrities. Have

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