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Wasn't one big hit. But that first run for the White Sox was big because of the way Rodin was pitching. You know, any run support that he got. Those two wounds you got in the 4th and 5th. And we're really the big runs of this game. R B I single for Brady was legal leading 49th R B I in the fourth inning and then layering Garcia, who ended up driving in five runs in the two games. Double ground ball double in the fifth made it to nothing and that again, more than enough for wrote down the way he was pitching today are BR leaderboard brought to you by your metro Detroit Chevy dealers put it in D and C Y Chevy drives the Motor City. Only R B for the Tigers on a good room sacrifice fly scoring house, the only here the day double in the seventh inning, went to third on a wild pitch and then scored on the good room sac fly in Garcia, as we mentioned led the white socks with two R B I's today five RBIs. The last two days for one Sox winning. Let's pause right now for station identification on the Detroit Tigers Radio network, download the Tunein app so you can take the ticket wherever you go Listen in Ann Arbor and beyond the sports talk 10 50 w T. K. Ann Arbor, the ticket, a cumulus station. White Sox sweep the Tigers with a 41 win at Comerica Park, kids getting ready to run the bases good to see that tradition being brought back I could lose. 41 stay with us

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