The Real-Life Superheroes Helping Syrian Refugees


A. Let me tell you a different story my story. I'm a filmmaker and reveal g from a small village in northern syria in our village growing up there was no stable supply. We spend most of our nights are on gas lanterns and build stories about syrian mythological super beings that protected. The vulnerable was a boy who loved stories of superheroes but later on these stories shifted to tells of heroes that my family has to face and are the assad dictatorship. One of my uncles was killed under torture. My father had to burn his books before they were even published in order to protect us from the reaching. He burned his dreams along with his books. These stories must not be forgotten. My parents insisted the stories stopped being a best time. It's became a form of resistance. I studied filmmaking focused on the commentaries commentary. Filmmaking became my way of resistance. I commend stories of syrian hobos. Assad regime and an elephant when the revision started. I was arrested tortured and sexually assaulted when i was released. I left syria a west traumatized and tried to end my life. My wife stood by me and held me hang onto life but as a result i stopped making films

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