New Details Emerge in Apparent Road Rage Killing


Where new details are emerging about the couple arrested after a horrifying road rage incident 24 year old Marcus Erez at 23 year old win Li are each being held on a million dollar bail, and it's expected they'll be arraigned today. She's accused of driving the car when he allegedly opened fire the bullet killing six year old age and Leo's who was in the back seat. And laid to rest yesterday. Our lead national correspondent David Begnaud is following this in Orange County, David. It's an awful story. Good morning to you. Good morning. We've learned so much information within the last 24 hours. The suspects have no criminal history. They're not involved in any gangs. The gun was legally registered to the male suspect. He purchased it legally as well. Uh, and the suspects apparently altered their appearance a bit, but they didn't exactly go underground. In fact, on Sunday, they went to eat sushi and the police watched them. But the cops didn't want to make the arrest of the restaurant because they didn't want to cause a scene, So they waited for them to leave. They followed them home. And that's where they got them. It sounded like an accident. Like all of a sudden, and then it was crazy screaming. This is Julie, who didn't want us to use her last name, describing the moment that she says police moved in and ended the more than two week manhunt. Arresting her neighbors Marcus Aires and Wendy Lee. We absolutely believe that she was the driver and that he rolled down his window and extended his arm out of the car and fired around from a gun. This is

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