A highlight from Running Realized Episode Eight: The Sustainable Road Race


Welcome to running realized. I'm tatum you an arm. knox robinson. Tina we were just laughing in the green room about when our last road race When when when was the last road race. When was your last road race. Well actually. I can answer this pretty easily. 'cause it was a few weeks ago i jumped in a ten k. Miller eleven missouri and Yeah i love fun was not prepared for it but it was fun. What about you. What hold on tina do they even have. We been put roads out in missouri about no no no no disrespect with like every time. I see you on social media. You're always out like struggling in some woods. Like i never even see. I asked you when your road race was not when you're like struggle race was because every time i see running. It's like in in some dense woods. They have roads out where you live. Oh yes there are. There are few roads. As one in particular goes on a arch that you may or may not have seen before but Yes there are a few on stamper a coin as seen i've seen the saint louis arch. I'm also thinking about. But i am thinking about like how incredible it is to return to road racing and also summer light. We love our spring and fall marathons But i'm also thinking about so many different iterations of of road racing and for me. You don't know anything about this but the fourth of july is a big holiday in these united states test. So there's this thing called the fourth of july's about this communist from a country or wherever you are wherever you're from when we fought our independence We commemorated on this fourth of july and eleven mile races. And so one of my most memorable races is Is a fourth of july mile in cornwall new york. And it's a memorable. Not only because it commemorates when we won our independence over colonialist powers but also because it's slightly downhill also i want and also i one also i won so. I'm looking forward to the return of road racing in a narcissistic in denver. Not only because of historic import. Because i look good when it happens. Okay well there's so much to unpack then oaks. I don't even know where to begin. I'm i'm i'm gonna delicately step over the the part about fourth of july and why as we don't have But i will you know. Get job with your with your downhill with you. Don okay okay so anyways what are we talking about today. Today's episode. We are heading back to the intersection of the environment on. Running as impressive racing is returning. We're going to explore the present and future of sustainable rate racing. I will hear a story about the singular one race from when you click register on an organizes website. Too when you head off your race experience. It's going to be towed by shelley villalobos the managing director of council for responsible sport. Next we're gonna have a discussion on the current and future state of the sustainable efforts of road racing with michael nishi. Coo of chicago. Event management and the general manager of the bank of america chicago marathe then a breakdown and quotes action on how the listener can be an active participant in helping the future of sustainable road racing finally a reading from jordan. Marie brings three. Who assist daniel founder of the indigenous grocery organization rising as she discusses the vision of creating socially economically and environmentally. Just glowed. all right.

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