Harry and Meghan Welcome Baby Daughter, Lilibet Diana

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Today is a big deal. We learned over the weekend. That harry and meghan baby girl arrived on friday and everyone is talking. Could this be the baby that heals the royal feud on friday baby. Archie officially became a big brother. Harry and meghan welcomed their baby girl in santa barbara and a spokesperson for the couple says baby and mom are healthy and well and settling in at home. Of course everyone wanted to know what is the name. So the name is a little bit. Diana mountbatten windsor or just lily for short. Because that's a mouthful. And that's a lot of syllables lilibet. Diana bound windsor is a lot. She was named after the queen whose nickname growing up is a little bit. And of course. Perry's mom princess diana i gotta know what was your reaction when you first heard the official name. Oh my gosh. I think it so sweet. I thought it was the perfect choice and especially with everything going on in their lives. I just imagined that would soften the hearts of the family to hear those names Be used with their daughter. And i think it's like an olive branch almost all branch. I don't know it just seems like so sweet and kind to name your child after your favorite people and i think that would be the i dunno. I think that'd be out for first of all. I love lili bad. That's so cute elizabeth. That's my middle name. And i i don't think i name should be elizabeth just if not the queen. That's just rough one yet lilibet. Because it's the queen's nickname. That's why it's so cute but we have to remember. She's not the first one to be named after the queen. there's they have what nineteen grandkids. Here's prince prince william's daughter charlotte princess charlotte her name is elizabeth diana. Yes so right. It's not the first but is the first to have the

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