Look Closely (MM #3729)


The Maison with Kevin Nation. The next time you're in a business meeting or maybe even on a date look closely at the person across the table from you, you can actually well maybe tell their intelligence just from looking deep into their eyes. Scientific American has done a study and they found, you can tell a person's intelligence. A range of intelligence by the size of their pupils know. Of course, you can't really just look across table and see how big they are because the pupils are dependent upon light. And you have to go through a whole series of processes to see what the normal standard size for a person's pupils are now can range anywhere from two millimeters to eight millimeters. I know for a fact, I have big pupils, so I must be intelligent. And the only reason I know have big pupils is because of all the eye problems, I have my doctors have told me, I have big pupils, it has nothing to do with the color of the page. There's nothing to do with the iris, but it's all about fluid intelligence. The capacity to reason through new problems. So look closely at the person across from you. Look at your spouse. Look at your parents. Are they intelligent? Well, I guess it depends on their pupil size.

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